What kinds of messages are you sending your cells?

Is your environment supporting you as a spiritual being?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Water as a Messenger

I got this email from a company called Learning Strategies. It has some good meditation thoughts about how our thinking affects our health and our world. I love the work of Masaru Emoto as well, and believe that he touched on Sacred Truth with his pictures of water crystals.

I’ve also used the many of the Learning Strategies programs and consider them to be excellent spiritual development tools.

Do you ever capture snowflakes to catch a glimpse of their exquisite designs before they melt away?Every single snowflake is unique in its own right. Just like the amazing photographs of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who captured crystallized patterns of water on film.

Masuru Emoto gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research showing water to be deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. In his book “Messages from Water” he shows what happens to water when it’s exposed to various forms of music and words and then frozen.

Water comprises 50 to 70 percent of the human body. Every cell in our body depends on water to transport oxygen and nutrients and remove wastes and toxins. But according to Dr. Emoto, water does so much more. It carries vibrations or “messages” throughout our bodies and cells.

When exposed to positive words such as “love” and “gratitude” and to classical music, healing chants, and mantras, water formed beautiful crystals when frozen. Heavy metal music, on the other hand, produced warped crystals. The vibrations of beautiful words, thoughts, and music, Emoto says, can help our minds and bodies heal.

What kinds of messages are you sending your cells? For instance, what internal messages are running through your mind as you go about your day? Are they self-defeating or self-affirming? Are the words you speak to others negative and demeaning or positive and encouraging? Make a conscious effort to use more affirming, kind, and powerful words every day.

Take a tip from the work of Masuru Emoto… be careful what you say to yourself. The body is mostly water so the same impacts that are seen in the water experiments Dr. Emoto conducted would logically find similar results in the body. Use loving, nurturing and compassionate.

Secondly, are you surrounding yourself with beautiful and harmonious music or just the opposite? Have classical or soothing music playing in your home or work environment. Or listen to relaxation and meditation programs. Finally, consider the images you are holding onto in your mind. Are they from negative experiences and past hurts? Every morning and night do positive visualizations of happy outcomes in your life to elevate your thoughts and enrich your soul.

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