Researching Bursitis Remedies Ad Nauseum

Tracking down relief for my bursitis pain

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Discovering how stubborn and long lasting a bursitis attack can be

As I’ve been posting for weeks now, I’m dealing with a stubborn, painful case of bursitis in my elbow. The more I read, the more I discover that I never wanted to know. Apparently, bursitis can last for YEARS. I had no idea.

I am still using the bursitis patches I got a few days ago. This morning, I did some small reduction in the swelling which is a blessing but still a lot of swelling.

I’m learning that anyone with a job that causes repeated bending of the elbow…..including typing at a keyboard all day…..can keep irritating an elbow with bursitis….well, let’s see, I could stop working I guess….not.

I just read about Emu Oil and Collagen being helpful so will probably pick both of those up at my local health food store tomorrow. Why not? I’m using everything else….MSM, turmeric, salmon oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, the bursitis patches, even Aleve and I consider NSAIDS a last resort.

Also found, to my delight, that I can order a portable ultrasound device to use at home and that ultrasound is good for bursitis. Since my chiropractor uses it, I’m going to schedule an appointment asap and also order a unit for future use. They are not cheap. About $230 but if it works, it’s worth it.

It’s been a trip. I’ll say that much. Well, guess I’ll get off here and rest my elbow!

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