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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Treatments and Special Challenges of CP and Bells

I just came across this forum that has been started, specifically for people with cerebral palsy, who want to connect with others who have this health challenge. In addition to other resources with good cerebral palsy information, this forum may provide a more personal space for communication, sharing and support. It is a patient-to-patient forum, which means you’ll be talking with other people who have the condition and can ask about treatments, how to handle the special challenges of a child with CP and more.

When I visited the cerebral palsy forum, new posts addressed Static Encephalopathy, CP and Multiple Sclerosis, paralisis cerebral and myelomalacia.

Topics listed as being appropriate for discussion on the forum include equipment such as walkers, orthotics and wheelchairs, treatments including oxygen therapy, biofeedback and suit therapy, and posts regarding financial issues, insurance issues, etc.

Looks like a good place for getting some real cerebral palsy information from real people who either have cerebral palsy or Bells Palsy or have a child who has either condition.

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