Shamanism, Shapeshifting and Past Lives

Sacred Journeys and what they can teach us

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

I got this email from a friend I’ve connected with through the magical gridline the internet supplies. She is part of my soul family. I know this though we have never met.

I have shared, on the main site, a few of my own
shamanistic experiences as I’ve traveled the
shaman path and Shell’s experience certainly reminds me of some of mine.

Shapeshifting is something else I have not often spoken of, though I refer to it in the spiritual ebook I give away on my site.

Past Lives is a reality for anyone who I’ve ever connected with who is on a conscious spiritual path of awakening so I’m not surprised when past lives show up in visioning and shamanic journeying experiences either.

I hope you enjoy hearing about the experiences of my friend, Shelley.

The soldiers came in the blanket of fog, the dogs made little or no sound the winter was bitter and would be long, many of us choose not to remain in the village and travelled down the mountain. We had been forced to stay on the mountain that year as the there was now a settlement at the mountains base.

I barely seen the outline of the soldiers as they rode through the fog, silently, they did not see me as my cape blended with the winters snow and fog, i had arisen early and began to make my way towards the valley to the next mountain. The soldiers passed right by me as i lay on the mother earth in her blanket of snow, the white wolf lay beside me he waited with me as they passed, we then began our journey to the bigger mountain into the caves where the ancient ones lived for the longer winters.

I did not return to the village that year for word had reached all that the soldiers had taken many away and killed many, those that escaped went to other bands and remained with them.

Although there are some many times that I walk with the wolf, the raven and the eagle there are just as many times that I will shapeshift and become the wolf, the eagle, the sparrow or another. Each time this occurs I find that I will feel the physical affects on my mortal body, it has become a far greater interest to me than before, I guess that is because I am growing. I learn so much as I journey and this plays larger parts in my life as i grow older and hopefully wiser with each lesson.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. Shell

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