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Wisdom of Elders Handed Down to the listening ear
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Caregiver Help with Appetite Loss

I was sitting in a fast food restaurant, I confess!  I had shopped til I almost dropped so I stopped at Jack’s and got a grilled chicken salad. Not the healthiest choice but all that was around in the rural area where I’d been picking that day.

Next to my table were two senior couples having lively and wonderful conversation which I didn’t even try to keep from overhearing. The easy back and forth banter was fun to listen to and then, as a wellness counselor, I hear something that made me perk up my ears because it was health-related.

One of the women says that she just had not been able to get her appetite back since getting sick that summer. Her friend replied with wisdom that can only be gained from experience and handed down, Grandmother to Grandmother. She shared one of the folk remedies she had learned and I made wrote it down on a napkin.

Folk Remedy for loss of appetite:

“Boil you some Irish Potatoes
and some Kraut and eat onions with it.”

When I asked the lady why she thought that helped bring the appetite back she said she didn’t know but it did.  I think I believe her. I don’t know, and didn’t think to ask at the time, if it matters if all three ingredients are mixed together or eaten separately but it would be worth a try if appetite loss has become a health issue.

Unexplained loss of appetite can certainly be caused by a prolonged or difficult illness, as was the case with the lady at Jacks but it can also have other causes, particularly in the elderly including depression and as a result of prescription drugs.

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