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Paradigm Shift Retreat to Lose Weight
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Shifting Paradigms and Belief Systems about Weightloss

Update: This is an old entry. I am living a mobile life at the moment so the only retreats I could facilitate would need to be hosted. Let me know if you’d like to invite me for a paradigm shift retreat.

In the meantime, you may be interested in an online program I found recently that appears to approach weight loss from a inner growth and shift perspective:

Here’s info on the blog about the Inner Weigh.

If you know anyone approaching weight loss from a metaphysical perspective, let me know.

Retreat Info as I envisioned it then:
I’m offering this retreat as much for myself as for anyone else who might wish to shift their belief systems around losing weight and getting fit. Since going into menopause, I’ve had more extra weight than ever in my life and it is more stubborn to move but I also realize that it’s harder for me now, in the menopausal years, because I did not practice good habits in my youth.

No diet will work, ever, if my inner thinking still wants me to be overweight more than it wants me to be thin and fit so the place to start for permanent weight loss is not with a diet but with my internal dialogue with myself; not just about food but about every creative impulse in my life.

Food sustains, food comforts, and food can replace more vital impulses that we may be afraid to follow.

In my menopausal years, I’m a lot more concerned with fearless living and living the convictions and passion of my heart and that’s what this paradigm shift retreat will be about.

We’ll cover diet and nutrition, of course, and take good deep looks at where that may need work but mainly, we will focus on identifying your internal dialogue and belief systems around food and fitness and discovering what your creative passions are and why you may not be expressing them.

If your New Years Resolution is to lose weight then let me suggest modifying that resolution to read….I commit to finding my passion and having the courage to explore it; I commit to identifying my own patterns of self-sabotage, shifting my paradigm around food and fitness and releasing all thought patterns that do not support optimal health and wellness.

If this sounds like a shift you’d like to make this coming year, please visit my private healing intensives page to read more about the type of space and support I provide for Sacred Transformation and get in touch!

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