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Paradigm Shift to Lose Weight
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Shifting Paradigms and Belief Systems about Weight loss

ps this used to be about a weight loss retreat I was offering. That’s gone but here’s some good info on weight loss for you.

No diet will work, ever, if my inner thinking still wants me to be overweight more than it wants me to be thin and fit so the place to start for permanent weight loss is not with a diet but with my internal dialogue with myself; not just about food but about every creative impulse in my life.

Food sustains, food comforts, and food can replace more vital impulses that we may be afraid to follow. An important question to ask is “What is food sustaining, comforting and replacing for me?”

I struggled with weight gain off and on for the first 40 years of my life. Then, I started making dietary changes based on being healthy, rather than losing weight. Turns out, eating to be healthy is pretty much an automatic weight loss strategy.

The foods that helped me stay healthy were the same ones that helped me lose weight. Fresh veggies, fresh fruits, lots of fresh, purified water, probiotic foods, fermented foods, etc. all helped my body maintain a healthy weight over time.

Just as important was what I let go of, on a nutritional level. Reducing red meats, refined sugar, refined flour, processed foods and non-organic foods helped tremendously.

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