Christmas Magic

Why we go to all the trouble

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Pondering Participation in the Holiday Season

About halfway through the holiday preparations, everyone in my family just has to sit down …. whew …. tired.

All the shopping, all the figuring out what to get each person …. all the wondering if we have left anyone out and getting extra gifts that always get used because … yes, we left someone out or someone came to the party that we didn’t expect.

All the cooking …. I don’t personally do that part but since Christmas is hosted at my place, I have a LOT of table setting up and tablecloths to be placed and games to be put out and grab bags with small gifts to be put together and the food station to be set up and … whew.

So why do we do it every year at Christmas time? Why do families across the states, and indeed, around the world, go through all that putting together a true family Christmas dinner entails?

Oh, it’s for those moments. Seeing the absolute glee on the face of a child you love, when they open your present and it is exactly what they wanted. It’s the joy of hugging so many of the people you love in a single day, and being with so many you love, and catching up with each other’s lives.

For my family, it’s a time to express to each one how much I love them and honor them for the gifts each one brings to our family unit.

This year, one of us wasn’t going to come, because of an argument. I said to him “it’s a temporary fluster. it will pass. Christmas only comes once a year and I hope you change your mind.” He did. He came anyway and it was a better Christmas with him there, feeling on top of the world or dealing with some issues, either way it was good he decided to come.

As a spiritual healing facilitator, I’ve learned a lot about setting spiritual intent and no where is that more important than in one’s own home. I set the tone here and, despite having some issues of my own that surfaced, I set the intent for this space to offer energy that would facilitate balance, joy, peace, harmony and love. And that’s what I saw play out within these
walls today.

I go to “all this trouble” every year because these are the people I chose to come into this life with, the very ones I knew would teach me my greatest spiritual lessons and offer me my most difficult spiritual challenges. These are the people, of all people on the earth, who are most able to help me grow.

Taking time to honor that once a year is not so much trouble after all.

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