When Healers Get Sick

Physician, Heal Thyself – When the Healer Needs Healing
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

How do Healers Heal Themselves?

I have occasion to write about this since I’ve been chronicling my experiences with elbow bursitis, which is still not completely healed at the time of this later posting.

One might ask….why doesn’t she just do energetic healing on the elbow. Why doesn’t she just heal it? After all, she’s a healer.

Well, I am now using Reiki and other energetic healing methods on the elbow but the reason I’m not healed yet is because I haven’t completely gotten the spiritual lessons.

I am getting clearer on what they are …. for example, I know that my bursitis emerged from an emotional imbalance that was about resentment. I further understand now that part of the reason for this manifesting now is that I’ve been working too much on the computer.

It doesn’t take a spiritual rocket scientist to recognize that, if a person has carpal tunnel in one hand and bursitis in the other elbow……it has to do with whatever those arms and hands are doing all day. Mine were typing, sometimes 6 to 8 hours a day.

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into creating and maintaining as many websites as I do. My commitment to providing the best information I can find means that I may spend hours on the internet, researching a single question, in addition to consulting books and tapes I have here at home.

So, my bursitis issues have surfaced, I’ve recognized what they are, and I’m working on all areas in my life where I might be harboring resentment.

Ironically, there is resentment about the work being so tedious too and that’s a direct energetic connection to the typing, the researching and the challenges of positioning favorably with google.

The Flip Side of The Secret
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There’s a flip side to manifestation that I know about but have not been employing:

Being versus doing

I have been too caught up in trying to mentally figure out what I need to do to help my online presence when Being in the vibration of attraction would effortlessly bring me the traffic my websites need.

We think of doing as physical taking some action. However, mental doing is far more of a distraction for me than physical doing. If I do not take conscious steps to avoid it, my mind will keep me very busy doing something in a mythical future, all day long.

“Being” doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing but keeping things in perspective, allowing the vibration of manifestation to precede right action and taking action only when prompted from within rather than letting the mind run the show and having me taking every action I think might help.

The Law of Attraction works whether we take actions and create a vibration to attract frustration or success. Obviously, working so hard and using the mind so much creates the former.

All energetic healing modalities work best at relieving symptoms at a physical level, when the emotional and mental imbalances are brought to consciousness. I’ve used energetic healing to help bring these issue to consciousness, which was the first step. Now, I can begin utilizing energetic frequencies to help alleviate the physical symptoms.

The body is designed to let us know how well we are balancing being in form. It is not inclined to release an affliction until we get the message of how we created it in the first place.

Also, and this may sound odd, even though I understand that underlying emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance cause illness to emerge, I believe in nature as a pallative. I believe God has placed medicine in the plants and in vitamins, minerals, essential oils and other natural places for us. Natural remedies carry the earth vibration and can help us ground and transition to a better place emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I wanted to try every natural bursitis remedy there was, WHILE I was also bringing my issues and imbalances to consciousness for transmutation, so that I could evaluate the merits of each. It’s part of my job as a wellness counselor to use those times when I manifest imbalance to learn and teach and help others.

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