Colonics for Intestinal Candida

Systemic Cleansing for Candida Albicans
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Quick Ask on Intestinal Candida:

I read with interest on your web site about a woman who does her own colon cleansing at home. I would appreciate any information you can send me on this as I am trying to recover from intestinal Candida.

I have had two colonics and would like to continue with progress made, but the expense is prohibitive for me. The toxins given off by the dying Candida and a toxic bowel have left my liver very toxic also.

My thinking at this point is try to continue the colonics and take bentonite clay to absorb some of the toxic by products from Candida lightening the load on my liver. I will also try the dry brushing beginning tonight to see if that helps. Thank-you in advance for any light you can shed my way.

Healing Facilitation Response:
My sympathies as you battle candida. It can be very stubborn but it will go
if you persist.

I understand about the expense of colonics. Most colonics therapists recommend at least 10 colonics to clear candida and, at an average cost of $60 per colonic, that’s a good piece of change. Others can suggest as many as 30 colonics for stubborn cases of candida albicans.

For me, even though money was definitely an issue, it was more the inconvenience and lack of control over the process. I bought my ergocleanse so that I could completely control my experience.

The lady who created the ergocleanse and sells them is named Jeni Humming
and her email is Hummingbird at quantumpurpose . com

Please tell her I said hello.

Are you also using a candida cleanse? And staying off refined sugars completely?

That would be two steps I’d take along with colonics. I’d be careful with bentonite clay by itself because it can be constipating. Be sure you drink adequate fluids and monitor your bowel movements.

Dry brushing should help too.

In addition, I’d be seeing a spiritual healer to help get in touch with emotional issues that may be surfacing for healing. In my reality, the body is compromised and gets sick when we are under stress, suppressing anger or other feelings, or are in some way living out of balance with our spiritual purpose.

Let me know if you want more info on candida detoxing. This is a quick answer. If you wish more detailed help with detoxing from candida, let me know that too.

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