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Is the Fit For Life Diet a Good Choice?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Educational Tidbit on Diet from the 80’s

Harvey and Marilyn Diamond introduced the “Fit for Life” diet back in the 1980’s. I was introduced to it much later, a few years ago, during a cleanse at a retreat center.

I like the Fit for life diet, basically, and feel good on it but just don’t like being restricted to one way of eating all the time.

Benefits of the Fit for Life diet include more energy, better digestion and better looking skin.

You can buy the book by that title, which tells all about it, or research online but basically, the important part is to eat nothing but fruit before 12 pm, don’t eat fruit with other types of food, eat veggies only for lunch and then save heavier foods like grains and meat for later in the day, closer to bedtime.

am – Fruit
noon -Veggies
evening meal – Grains and Meat

The rationale is that our body should eat easy to digest foods during the hours we are most active (for most of us, the daytime hours) and eat the more dense foods as we are winding down for the day.

Most fruit digests within 20-30 minutes if not combined with other foods but will putrify if eaten with other foods so best eaten alone.

Of course, the details of the Fit for Life diet are more involved than what I’ve covered. This is just a tad of information for those who might have better eating as one of their goals for the new year. This might be a way to start, by exploring nutritional programs such as Fit For Life.

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