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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Future of Spiritual Film Making is Looking Good to me

For decades now, I’ve enjoyed working part-time as a professional actress.  Film work in the south has been sparse, to say the least, but that all seems to be changing now.

What really has me excited is that I’m learning about spiritual people who want to make films and television that can make a difference, impart consciousness with entertainment, and shift the terrain of the television and motion picture industry in a good and Sacred Way. This desire to infuse meaning into film has spawned the term “Spiritual Cinema”.

An example: A few years back, I auditioned for a pilot that will be filmed in Alabama.  I got the role.  It was a great role. More important than being a great role, it was within a project from a filmmaker with spiritual vision.  She wants to incorporate charity and real-life good works into the making of the pilot. I’m so excited by that.  I filmed the pitch pilot but did not go on to be in the actual pilot. I have not heard what has happened since. I’m just glad someone is writing scripts that involve the community and create good.

What we can all do as incredibly powerful audience members and ticket buyers is support spiritual films and films with a good message, and stop supporting anything that does not have vision behind it.

Hollywood understands one thing exceedingly well and that’s the bottom line. If films of that are spiritually significant fill theaters with ticket-buying customers, there will be more spiritual cinema made. If we stop paying for creative works that do not feed the Spirit, they will stop making those types of films and tv programs.

An Example of Spiritual Cinema:
I live fairly close to Atlanta, Georgia and there’s a fella there who is doing films with consciousness and passion, and Hollywood is taking notice. His name is Tyler Perry and, by now, you probably have seen one or more of his Madea films. All the Madea films are spiritual cinema with the unique humor of Tyler Perry sprinkled liberally throughout the scripts.

Although I still feel Tyler could move away from some lower-density laughs, his films as a whole are based on laughing at oneself and the silliness of humanity in general. I’ve seen Tyler interviewed on TBN and was impressed when he said he didn’t care who knew of his faith.  He would not hide it for Hollywood or for anyone else.  And his success is paving the way for all the other filmmakers out there, and actors like me who want to use their talents for good.

We cast powerful votes by every movie or tv show we decide to watch. I choose to support the work of those who want to provide entertainment that is a gift, an uplifting experience. I choose those films that leave me feeling better about life and humanity than before I watched them.

I choose those films that create humor based on life and absent of cruelty or debasement for a laugh. We are funny little beings and there is plenty in our own weirdness to laugh at, without sinking to humor based on what a person weighs or any other such nonsense.

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