Bumps under the arms

Natural Approaches to Infection in the Blood
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Suggestions for lymph drainage and decongesting
Bumps under the arms

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Question on Healing:

(name removed for privacy) has been having over the years but more of late a type of risen like bumps, mostly under his arms. He has gone to the doc and they gave him several rounds of antibiotics but they keep coming back. Since he has no insurance, he is leary to go back. The doc said it was in his blood and they would have to run some expensive tests… can you think of something natural that would help him?

Healing Facilitation Response:

First, I must say that whatever advice I share is educational and not intended to replace any necessary medical tests and treatment. Your friend should check with his doctor if still under treatment and especially if taking any medications at all, because some herbs and natural supplements can interfere with or interact with prescription medications.

That having been said, I do have a few avenues of exploration:
If it’s in the blood, then there’s an incredible formula
called Purezyme that may be helpful in assisting the body to fight infection.

It’s a therapeutic dose of a specially formulated Protease Enzyme blend, developed by an enzyme specialist. I’ve taken this particular enzyme blend on many occasions, just as I felt I was coming down with a cold or flu. In all cases, I was over it the next morning.

I also personally know a man who started taking the special protease blend after suffering with a deep infection a tooth that had spread to the jawbone and was unresponsive to all medical treatments. He tried everything the medical profession had to offer with no success but, with the purezyme, he saw improvement very soon and continued to improve.

This Purezyme Enzyme Blend, in order to specifically address infection rather than digestion, must be taken on an empty stomach, at least 3 hours after last meal. In addition, if I were personally in his situation, I would take pure oregano oil capsules with meals.

Also, if he can get some burdock tea or tincture, burdock root is one of the best natural blood purifiers God ever made. In fact, burdock root will be the cheapest option too so if I couldn’t afford the more expensive supplements, I would personally try the burdock root. Again, this is my personal choice because I self-treat and take responsibility for self-treatment. Not intended to replace medical advice. Check with doc before using anything mentioned here.

Lymph Drainage May Also Be Helpful:

Swelling under the arms may be a sign of lymph congestion. A healthy lymph system is vital for good health so I’d suggest having lymph function evaluated.

Therapeutic lymph drainage massage (different from a regular massage) from a certified lymph drainage therapist may also be indicated if it is found that the lymph nodes under the arms are congested.

Of course, more serious conditions that could result in underarm swelling should be ruled out and he should check with his doctor before having lymph drainage massage therapy, to make sure there is no medical reason this should be avoided.

The lymph system has no way to really clear itself, unlike the liver, kidneys, etc. so we have to move the toxins out through body movement. A lymph drainage therapist specializes in encouraging the lymph system to cleanse itself and release toxins.

Another way to easily stimulate lymph drainage is to use a rebounder, which is like a small trampoline. However, caution him not to jump for very long at once, no more than 3 minutes, because regardless of how simple it seems, it can dump a lot of toxins quickly and cause a healing crisis.

The healing crisis associated with detoxing can be reduced or even eliminated by going slow and building up gradually.

Trivia Question: What is Risen?

Have you ever heard the term, a bump is risen? I’ve heard the phrase “sore as a risen” all my life but when I google it, I can’t find a definitive answer. Some say “sore as a rison” and others say “sore as a risan”. It makes more sense that it would be sore as a risen because the word risen means something that has rose up, like a bump would do. If anyone knows the origin of that phrase, I’d love to hear it.

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