New Year’s Resolutions

Holidaze Resolution

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

New Year’s Resolutions?
I got this from my friend Casey Kochmer. I love what Casey had to say about New Year’s resolutions and I also loved his resolution.

I hadn’t made one yet….guess I better get to it, huh? But I think simplicity may be the heart of success…..I know that my recent physical challenges are providing my most needed area of change….around flexibility, adapting to new direction and embracing change more freely in my life…..simple, yes, but easy? Not so far.

Anyway, enough about me. Here is Casey’s delicious message and don’t you just love that he calls it “holidaze”. Conjures up images for me of Walmart, the mecca of holidaze shopping:

Of all the holidays (or holidaze) New year was the one my family would celebrate with the most heart. The other holidays were just marks on the calendar, but new year, new year was the holiday to let loose soul to be one with soul.

Perhaps that’s the secret of new year … the offer and idea of always a fresh start, a fresh day to be who you really want to be. In this I suppose New year is the closest to a Taoist Holiday we get in the western world.

Since on this day we are encouraged to dream and step closer towards our nature. I also suppose that’s why so many new year resolutions fail: when making a resolution desiring to be something else over yourself.

So I will make only one resolution, I know I can keep, since it’s embracing the moment in action: to send everyone I know a smile.


Got it Casey, and got the deeper message too. Thanks, Neva

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