Thoughts on Eckankar

Question about the EckanKar Teachings
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on spiritual development:
Are you familiar with the Eckankar religion? If so what are your thouhts about it?

Spiritual Facilitation Response:

Yes, I’m familiar with Eckankar but never felt led to study it.

I don’t sense anything spiritually non-progressive about Eckankar; just not something I’m led to involve myself in.

If you want to know more about the Eckankar teachings, visit the official Eckankar Website

Followup on earlier post:
It occurred to me to comment on why a person does or does not follow a specific teaching or step onto a particular path of faith. There can be several reasons:

1. A person may have already integrated the teachings in other lifetimes or even intuitively in the current lifetime, and may have chosen to focus on other paths of faith this time around.

2. A person may not resonate with the teachings due to unhealed experiences in other lifetimes or because of conflicting belief systems.

3. A person may not be at the correct level of spiritual consciousness to embrace, integrate and understand the teachings.

I recognize that each soul draws to them the unique spiritual experiences and expression that best serve the evolution of that soul. Whatever path of faith is most in alignment with what a person most seeks to learn will resonate and be followed.

However, a soul can learn by moving toward understanding or by battling through misunderstanding, which explains why some people divert into paths of faith that are not as progressive as others. Again, not commenting on Eckankar, just paths of faith in general.

Whatever method a soul chooses to further their spiritual development, I believe in divine unfoldment so it is seldom my choice to endorse or condemn a path although I might issue warnings in certain cases.

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