The Day the World Comes Together

A vision for creating human understanding among all Earth’s inhabitants finally has come to fruition in a way that everyone can participate
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I kind of think of this idea as global prayer through vision instead of words; through energy and heart rather than syllables of meaning….

Like most people, I lend supportive energy toward this dream of world peace that seems so huge but that is, in reality, just the result of individual peace collected.

I really like the idea this woman, Jehane, has about how we might light the fire of world peace in the most powerful way.

She has petitioned an organization called TED for grant money to create a film….it is very difficult to describe what that film could mean.

Please visit the Pangea Day website and listen to the simply eloquent and truly heart-driven passion of this one woman, standing humbly and powerfully with her vision in hand, speaking of why she has been driven to bring a film like no other to the planet.

The question asked by Pangea Day is:

If you had just 10 minutes to say something to the entire world, what would you say?

Film submissions are being accepted for this remarkable film project, Pangea Day, right now.

When watching, I thought of what my 10 minutes might be about…..what is that I have experienced that I would most want to communicate to others?

In this moment, just as I’m typing this, it occurs to me that it would be about understand the far-reaching effects of violence on children and how, whether that violence is from war, abuse or neglect, it tucks away the essence of the innocent being and sometimes for life. Til we heal that child within each person, peace cannot come.

Well, it’s one thing to write a paragraph here….quite another to think of how I might put that in a film. Whether I do or not, my witness stands in support of
Pangea Day. Let it truly be the day the world comes together in understanding.

More Fluorescent Lights Safety Concerns

Still researching this rumor about all light bulbs being replaced by the new, compact florescent light bulbs….is a ban coming?

California mandating use of flourescents?

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More disturbing trends….just read that the state of California has proposed to mandate the use of florescents to conserve energy….at what cost, people, at what cost?

More concerns…in addition to mercury, this type of lighting typically contains pcb’s. Here’s what the Environment, Health and Safety Online website has to say about the danger of this substance:

“The primary concern regarding the disposal of used fluorescent ballasts is the health risk associated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Human exposure to these possible carcinogens can cause skin, liver, and reproductive disorders.”

Also related, my earlier post on Walmart’s goal to sell compact flourescents to the world

It’s pretty well known that flourescent lighting can cause some people to have headaches, migraines and even seizures. Part of the reason is light flicker. I can certainly notice it when I have to use the florescent lights that were here at my place when I bought it. I don’t ever intend to replace those bulbs and I rarely turn them on but when I do, it isn’t long before I get a headache. People who work all day in florescent lighting often report headaches, eyestrain and other symptoms of discomfort.

Let there be flourescent light

Are we gradually being forced to buy only florescent lighting?

Is Walmart trying to do away with the regular lightbulb altogether?

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I spend no small amount of time researching the least toxic ways to do anything I have to do in my home. If I had the money, I’d build a totally green home but as it is, I can only just learn what I can about non-toxic living and try to integrate as much as I can into my living space.

I was in Ace Hardware the other day, looking for some full spectrum lightbulbs. My chiropractor reminded me of how much healthier full spectrum light was, especially in the winter months when most of us don’t get enough natural sunlight so I was looking for full spectrum bulbs to replace my regular bulbs.

While I was there I heard what I truly hoped was a nasty rumor. The fella in the electrical and lighting department mentioned that by a certain date in the future (I was so stunned by the end of his sentence that I didn’t even remember the date he said later) there would be no more regular incandescent lightbulbs….that only compact fluorescent bulbs would be manufactured or available.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We would have no other option? I still don’t know if what he said is accurate but I’ve read enough online today to wonder….

Walmart has said let there be florescent light:
In the New York Times, I read how Walmart has set a goal to selling 100 million compact fluorescent bulbs a year, starting as soon as next year (2008) and how aggressively this company is promoting the idea of everyone using these unhealthy bulbs.

On the surface, it sounds so “green”. 75 percent less energy usage, 10 years longer life and a notable decrease in greenhouse gasses if their goal is reached.

But what about the safety issues?

Does Walmart think the users of those 100 million compact flourescent bulbs, who are used to throwing their incandescent light bulbs in the trash, are suddenly going to automatically take the extra precautions that MUST be taken when disposing of flourescent lighting, to prevent the mercury in all those 100 million bulbs from leaching into the atmosphere when the bulbs are disposed of? And will there be enough conveniently located hazardous waste collection points for every family using the bulbs, and will it be impressed on each of these families how vital it is to take these old bulbs to hazardous waste collection points for disposal?

Are they going to train people about the dangers of florescent light bulbs breaking and shattering, causing wounds that might not heal well because of the phosphor that will enter the wound with the pieces of the exploding light bulb, from the phosphor-coated glass?

And what’s going to happen to our cancer rates when every home is bathed in shorter-wave ultraviolet light emitted from all these compact florescent light bulbs? Will we see an epidemic of cancer the likes of which we’ve never seen before? If ultraviolet sheeting isn’t applied to lamps and light fixtures, it won’t be good news.

I say no to compact flourescents. I say yes to any healthy alternative lighting that can help with energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gasses.

After all, no matter how much money we save and how we reduce greenhouse gasses, if none of us are healthy enough to care, what difference will it make?

I did notice that one company, General Electric, did come out with a flourescent that addresses at least a couple of the concerns. Their Saf-T-Gard bulbs are advertised as low-UV and shatter-resistant. Mercury not addressed.