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Atlas Profilax with Lon Lynch
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I heard about atlasprofilax from a friend in Hawaii who had the work done in California. At first, I thought it was just another name for a chiropractic adjustment I’d heard about, called “hole in one” but this was different. After reading about it and talking with my friend who had experienced such wonderful relief from it, I decided to have the work done myself.

It looked as though I might have to go to California to get the work done….there wasn’t anyone in my area or anywhere near me that was trained to do it. Even now, I think there are still only 7 Certified ATLASPROFILAX® Practitioners in the US.

Luckily for me, a man in Georgia, named Lon Lynch, had just been trained and was now available! I was referred to Lon and I set up an appointment immediately to try this non-invasive, specific adjustment of the Atlas.

For me, atlasprofilax provided profound relief from a very chronic problem that had lasted for decades…well, maybe all my life but noticably painful for at least 25 years.

I cannot possibly say enough about this therapist. Lon is caring, careful, precise, respectful and humble. He is skilled and gentle.

Suffering with Chronic Neck Pain?
If you are like me and have chronic neck pain, and your chiropractor tells you that your atlas is out every time you go for an adjustment, then atlasprofilax might offer you the same relief it has offered me and many others.

Lon Lynch Contact Information:
Update…..I had posted Lon’s information here when I first posted this article. However, as you may read down in the comments section, apparently he has moved. I can’t, at this moment, find a contact number for him. Sorry.

Atlasprofilax has proven very beneficial for those who suffer chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and pain from repetitive strain. It is a non-invasive procedure and is different from both massage therapy or a chiropractic adjustment.

According to the creators of this remarkably simple yet profoundly powerful procedure, most people live with a mis-seated atlas. The atlas is the list cervical vertebra, where the neck meets the base of the skull. If the atlas is out, everything below it (meaning the entire spinal column) is also out). Over time, this creates chronic pain and discomfort such as what I had for so long.

I would have an adjustment and in just a day, my neck would be hurting again.

ATLASPROFILAX® gently “nudges” the atlas (C1) back into its proper position relative to the base of the skull where it correctly reinstalls itself as was designed by nature. This easy, non-medical, soft tissue method is quick and virtually painless!

I did not experience any of the cracking sounds or jarring feelings I have had with manual adjustments. I did feel something profound was happening but it’s hard to articulate how that feels when it’s happening. I just felt as if something vital was being put right again.

I followed up with more massage work, which I think is key to optimal results with atlasprofilax. Just because my atlas was now in correct position didn’t mean that all my muscles remembered their natural position. They were all used to being torqued so it took a while for them to get the message. However, my atlas has stayed pain-free except for normal tension after a long day of typing.

To me, this is a miracle. And… it bears little resemblance to a normal chiropractor adjustment. Just be prepared for something different.

26 thoughts on “Atlasprofilax Recommendation – Florida / Atlanta

  1. THank you so much for this information. I was absolutely desperate to find somebody near where I live, because I could not afford the time or expense of traveling too far. I just spoke with Lon – very nice gentleman BTW – and I am SO looking forward to my atlas profilax visit. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to find that he is NOT always in Florida, but often comes to Atlanta, GA to help people. This is literally like a prayer answered, and I haven’t even had the visit yet. I KNOW this is what my brain and my spine need, especially after reading so many posts about atlas profilax results. I had to search pretty hard online, but MUCH gratitude for this info.

  2. Angela:

    I’m so glad you got in contact with Lon. Please tell him Neva Howell said hi. He’s terrific. In fact, I want to go back to him this year. He’s an incredible massage therapist too.

    Please come back to the blog and post your impressions and results. I am just certain you will find atlas profilax with Lon to be quite wonderful.

  3. ps. I did not know Lon was in Florida now. Glad he comes back to Atlanta frequently. I’ll have to find out where he is in Florida. I may be going to Gulf Shores before long. Hope he’s not too far from there.

  4. Neva, I’ll definitely post my results here after the atlas profilax “installment”. BTW, the link you have for Lon’s site says “under construction” (as of June 2 2009) but gives a phone number with area code 404 (different from the number you posted). I’m wary going out of town by myself to somebody I don’t know, but he is listed on the site, albeit with a different address, so I will be trusting, along with your statements as well. It concerns me that after I spoke with him, I called back to get directions and set an appointment time, left two messages and haven’t heard back from him. I hope he will call back — I need this badly.

    Something I’d like to ask you about: I’m concerned about dizziness and nausea after the treatment, and driving back home like that. Did you experience any such affects? I’ve been “unbalanced” for so long, I’ll bet it’s going to feel strange being balanced at first. Brain fog, strained vision, extreme fatigue, chronic neck and back pain, and no clarity of thought have been the main symptoms that have plagued me for so long.

    Allow me to use this blog to rant for a sec? I can relate to your chiro experience of always being told your atlas is out. Over the past decade I have believed their promises to “train the atlas to stay in” — $15 K later, it is still out and I still have the old classic “military neck”. No chiropractor ever offers to explain this with anything other than, “well, we practice differently here” and claim they can do what the last series of 60 visits did not accomplish somewhere else. I don’t know if I believe there are any honest chiropractors anymore… I had just finished 3 months of intensive treatments followed by 4 more months of regular maintenance when I sneaked over to another chiro for a “free xray and consult” – funny how they gave me all the same baloney, as if I were still in dire need of 60 more visits!! and they tried to get me to sign my name to yet another debt and commitment!! So what did that $5 K I just spent get me?

    This is tragic, IMO, and gives the legitimate, beneficial health practice of chiropractic an increasingly questionable bad name. Did you know that a lot of chiropractors take a course on making money after they are trained, and some titles of those courses are “how to have the $40,000 month” and “how to have the $100,000 dollar year”. This becomes their focus, and they strive to make every head that walks in the door equal to at least $3000 or $4000 each, not including maintenance after, supplements sold, etc. Unfortunately, I’ve been to some chiropractors that are so blinded by this money making technique that they can hardly see ME, the patient, due to literally putting a price “on my head”. It’s disheartening.

    I’ve read extensively about atlas profilax. I’m almost 100% convinced that it would be a breakthrough like none other for me personally. I hope I can get my appointment. I wish this practice was more well known here in the states. Let’s face it though, I don’t think many chiropractors will condone it because it could so drastically decrease the amount of money they make, as their patients would not be nearly as dependent on them. It would mess up their whole income schemes. Perhaps as knowledge of atlas profilax becomes more abundant, one day, chiropractors will say “okay, it’s time for me to go get atlas profilax training”.

    I’m not a conspiracy theory nutcase, but after 13 or more years of putting my time, faith and money into seeing chiropractors, an unflattering pattern in the way they practice has most definitely made itself known to me. I’m not saying that they don’t really want to help – they do – but there seems to be some greed at the core, a lot like big drug companies have become over the past 20 years. For chiropractics’ sake, I hope chiropractors become aware of what their reputation may be evolving into.

  5. Angela:

    Thanks for the updated info on Lon. Yes, I had a similar concern when I tried to get in touch with Lon for a followup visit. He did eventually email back. However, I felt it was way too long in coming.

    I cannot argue with his results though.

    I did indeed experience both dizziness and nausea, as well as muscle spasms. It is strongly suggested that a person schedule time to stay overnight after this adjustment, if traveling, rather than try to drive right back home. I got the best night’s sleep I’d had in years that night, and feel that driving or going back to work or back into daily stress of life at that point would have been a mistake.

    I scheduled regular massages after the adjustment, about 1 per week, to help with the spasms and to help my body let go of chronic holding patterns that had developed over decades of misaligned posture.

    I share some of your concern over the chiropractic industry, particularly the “old school” manual adjustment branch. After experiencing low-impact and non-force chiro methods, I would never, ever go back to someone who did manual adjustments again.

    As far as it being about money, of course that’s true of anyone in any business. Part of the reason I work on this blog and my websites consistently is because the income from advertising helps pay my living expenses. It’s when money becomes the driving force at the expense of the wellbeing of the patient or the Truth of the overall vision of helping, that anyone can go astray.

    I’ve had months and months of chiro care at various times in my life. I can say that chiropractic never corrected anything for me. It did provide very definite temporary relief, sometimes enough of a blessing to justify three times the cost.

    However, I now believe that other methods such as cranial osteopathy and atlasprofilax are more curatives than pain relievers and I’m moving in that direction in my own continued healing of the body.

    I lived, quite a number of years, in pain and suffering from fibromyalgia and then from the sheer suffering and resistance to the loss of my soulmate relationship a number of years ago. I almost allowed the grief of that to kill me and it’s been a long road back to health.

    atlasprofilax helped me. cranial osteopathy helped even more. matrix energetics helped me. don’t give up. healing is out there.

    Lon will tell you that atlasprofilax is NOT chiropractic care. It’s a different thing, almost entirely. And it works differently. It’s pretty awesome and I would encourage you to just hang in there. Lon will get back to you.

  6. Hi Neve, I decided to wait at least a month to post my atlas profilax results. The first 4 days were absolute bliss! My TMJ, neck and shoulder pain, even knee pain disappeared completely. Clarity of thought and creativity were through the roof. Energy was boundless – I felt 20 years old again and was back in love with life. Slept like a baby. There are no words to describe what all of this did for my mental and physical health. Then the TMJ pain started back up and gradually other muscles began to follow and stiffen up as well… almost like a very gradual chain reaction.

    I get a spasm here and there and accept it as the natural process of change and know that my body is simply adjusting itself. It passes in a day or so. The muscle tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders is proving to be quite a challenge though…. I’m left with a curious “bother” that my atlas may have come back out. Mind you, I’ve spent years getting it supposedly “put in place” with chiropractors only to have it come back out all the time… so naturally, this thought is going to occur to me. Lon says it’s not very likely that it came back out, and that my body is going through many changes. Some people go faster, some people take many months – depends on what all they had going on. Still, I was kind of sad to see all the wonderful feelings gradually decrease.

    It’s important here to call my own bluff too, for honesty’s sake. Nobody can just wave a magic wand and make decades of building discomfort disappear. Poor posture, both sitting and standing, lack of exercise/activity or stretching, high stress, lack of certain nutrients, etc. all added up over the years. You can’t just get atlas profilax then go back to sitting in a computer chair all day with a bunch of stress and expect miracles. In my case, I’m going to have to make sure I do yoga, TMJ-specific stretches, get massages now and then, decrease stress/ response, and probably increase magnesium and D3. The main difference now (should be) that since my atlas is in its proper place, anything I do to help relax muscles will stand much more of a chance of being effective for my entire body and health. It’s like having a better foundation to work from, I think.

    I’ve learned that muscles are NOT to be underestimated!! The bones do what the muscles dictate – it’s as simple as that. And I don’t care what anybody says, yes, my neck tension DOES affect my left foot.

    The lazy part of me would like a cure-all modality (wouldn’t we all?) but the signals I receive now are simply telling me specifics of what nurturing needs to be tended to. So there’s still maintenance to be had, but it seems to me that it will be have better results, especially long term, plus, a lot of it I can learn to do myself very affordably. It’s not the worst thing in the world to have to go get a good deep tissue massage now and then. My body is simply saying “show respect, give me some things I need”. Some days are still challenging, and I’m still on my journey. I’ll post more in another month.

  7. Angela:

    What a wonderful, aware and detailed report. Thanks so much for sharing that with me and with my readers.

    I too slept like a baby and was pain-free for days after my atlasprofilax adjustment with Lon.

    In fact, I was pretty much pain-free until I had a massage and the massage therapist lifted my neck up high and then dropped it down on her fingertips, for a stillpoint.

    After that, the pain all came back so I went back to Lon.

    I certainly can echo all that you said about not expecting atlasprofilax or any other single tool for that matter, to be a quick fix for a chronic and complex issue.

    My hours of work at the computer have been my biggest challenge. Just remembering to get up and stretch, you know?

    I’m wanting to get more osteopathic work done soon, love that stuff, and also, may even see Lon again.

    Best of luck with your new spine and neck!


  8. hei
    I am a 32 years old women from Northen Norway. I have read your post with big interrest. I have suffer from fibromyalgia, pelvic pain and food allergies for the last 18 years.
    I see my chiropraktor twice a week, and almost every time my atlas is out. I have an appointment for atlasprofilax in three weeks from now, and I am looking forward to it. But when I discussed it with my chiropractor he says it would not last. He say my atlas will fall out again because the body is dynamic. So here I am serching for facts on internett. Atlasprofilax is wery new in norway. I belive it`s only two persons who practise it.
    So I am looking forward to read your experience after the treatment.

    Sorry… my english is a bit “off”. Hope you all understand me:-))

  9. Renate: I can certainly empathise with the fibro and allergies. I haven’t had the pelvic pain….do you know the cause of that or do you suspect it might be from spinal issues in low back, etc?

    I would very much like to hear about your experience with atlasprofilax. I understand what your chiropractor said about the body being dynamic and I also believe the atlas can stay in alignment if you correct whatever was taking it out of alignment.

    In my own case, I kept typing too much and sitting too long at the computer without getting up and stretching so the same muscles that had pulled me out of alignment before did not have time to adjust to a new way of being.

    I believe atlasprofilax can work best when you schedule massage afterwards and as often as possible for a few months. Also, paying close attention to patterns of how you sit, walk and sleep.

    I do hope it is as beneficial for you as it was for me and would like to hear back from you after you have the treatment.

  10. Admin:

    My pelvic pain was according to “Total Body Modification”(TBM) partly caused from the milk producing hormon prolactin. My body did`nt handle the hormonal changcing`s very well during pregnancy and brestfeeding.
    I had have a lot of treatment from TBM. My chiropractor does this to. TBM work suprisingly well on many different things, but not on the altas.
    My baby is by the way 6 months old. And I hope atlasprofilax work for a longer period of time. I cant wait to go for long walks with the baby.

  11. Renate:

    I have a Bucket List, of sorts, that’s a bit different than most. I don’t have things like “go bungee jumping” or “see paris” although there’s nothing wrong with those ideas. My bucket list, so far consists of painting, dancing and learning something new every day.

    Thanks for talking about Total Body Modification. I had never heard of it though I did see a manual for the Bowen Technique over at clickbank. I promote some of their interesting products on my websites and blogs. I naturally look for products that pertain to health, healing, and spiritual growth and I remember being interested in the Bowen Manual back then. I don’t remember knowing it was also called Total Body Modification. I didn’t know they were the same thing.

    I’ll have to add TBM to my page on chiropractic care

    In case anyone else wants to know more about TBM, here’s a link:

    I learned something new. Also had never heard of prolactin causing pelvic floor pain. Wondering….did the chiro tell you why this would be?

    Congratulations on my new wonder. I’m seeing you strolling through nature with your baby very soon.
    Keep me posted and I appreciate any additional input on your TBM experiences.

  12. Hi! For Renate!
    I don’t know about prolactin re pelvic pain, and you don’t describe where the pain is exactly, but my experience when pregnant was that the “joints” in my pelvis became loose/flexible, beginning almost immediately after conception and lasting for several months after birth. I have a narrow pelvis, and suspect that this was my body’s way of compensating to allow the baby through. Anyway, it was painful to move, walk, etc. But the pain eventually went away without any treatment. Perhaps that will be true for you too.

  13. I woud like an appointment with Dr. Lon Lynch for the Atlas Profilax adjustment. I travel between Rockledge, Florida and Mountainburg, Arkansas via Chattanooga. I will be traveling through Georgia on my way to Florida towards the end of September and will be staying in Florida about 2 weeks and then passing back through Georgia on my way back to Arkansas via Chattanooga again. Is it possible to find the doctor available at either or both locations at that time for an appointment/s ?
    Thanks so much, in advance, for your time and attention to my request.

    Colleen Nodurft

    colblynod at yahoo dot com

  14. Hi, it’s me Angela with a short update. Pain increased gradually and intensely over the last several weeks, so much that I ended up visiting a TMJ specialist who apparently has extensive knowledge about a lot of things, i.e., Hormones, neurotransmitters, nerves, muscles, upper cervical and he’s a dentist to boot. He’s got some pretty impressive credentials.

    Anyway, I found out that my bite was terribly off, causing a host of painful issues. (Thanks to the dentist who replaced my fillings 5 months ago). He also informed me that my atlas was indeed out of place and insisted that it will always go out due to the muscles involved and what they’re having to do, in my case, with my terribly misaligned bite.

    So I’m bummed…. my atlas profilax did not hold. I suspected it these past few months. Really wish it had been more permanent, as indicated. Not sure what to think right now.

    angnc at charter dot net

  15. Angela: I can say that, over a year since my atlasprofilax adjustment, it did not “hold” for me either. However, I don’t blame Lon for that. I am aware that I have lifelong patterns of holding tension that did not go away just because the atlas was properly positioned.

    It does present an ethics issue for those who promote atlasprofilax as a “one time only” procedure. Clearly, for some of us, it is not just one time and everything is great.

    I am still glad I did it and can say my posture challenges have never reverted back to what they were before. I honestly don’t think they ever will again, which is one type of permanent shift.

    Good communication.

    It’s an interesting thing to consider this in light of morphic fields around medicine. Dentistry has it’s own, very powerful morphic field of belief and, to the extent that a person accepts the fate presented by the dentist, their body may align with that.

    I look forward to the day when doctors, dentists and mental health professionals can learn to speak in terms of potentials, possibilities and probabilities rather than absolutes as in…this will ALWAYS be true for you.

    They really don’t know that.

  16. Colleen: I am not in touch with Lon. As far as I know, he travels between Florida and Atlanta right now. I’d suggest calling the phone number given earlier in the post.

    Your trip sounds like a fun one. Best of luck coordinating your atlasprofilax treatment and I’d love it if you shared your results afterwards.

  17. hello again.
    I just wanted to say that I had my atlasprofilax two weeks ago. My dissiness is gone, and I am not so tired anymore. But I am afraid it wont last. I have some pain in the atlas area and in my hip. I had my atlas checkt yesterday, and it still last. I write again later to keep you posted.

  18. Renate: Thanks so much for posting about your atlasprofilax experience. I want to mention that I was clearly told that I needed to facilitate my body’s adjustment after the treatment by getting massage. Were you told also that, in order to help your body maintain the new positioning, massage would be beneficial for at least a month after the atlasprofilax treatment?

    The reasoning is that, even though the atlas may be correctly positioned, all the muscles that may have been improperly positioned may still be tight and need attention to shift and adjust as well.

    I look forward to your continued feedback.

  19. Hi Neva and others 🙂

    In 2 days I will be getting my Atlas done and I’ve also been hoping that it will “take”. Thank you Neva for having this blog about it and thank you to the posters for their feedback. I did alot of research online for finding a real cure for my fibromyalgia. When I put 2 and 2 together and found out about Atlas Profilax I definately know that it is a major contributing factor because I had very bad whiplash after a car accident. Then I had my mercury fillings removed and when I think back, it was right after that, when I starting to develop fibro symptoms. Perhaps a year later, with a positive diagnosis. Since the accident, I’ve never been able to lay on my back or sides. Nor can I read a book or watch T.V. in any straining positions such as looking up or holding my head up because the back of my neck pinches sooo badly that I will black out if I continue.

    After reading the comments here, I will definately focus on self-massage with my percussion massager because I cannot afford to go to a massage therapist. My husband suggested that I stay zoo’d out on muscle relaxants for 2 – 4 weeks and I think it’s a good idea. I think that I will continue to sleep with my feather pillow rolled under to support my neck too as I’ve had to. If anyone else has any other eureka’s about how to treat the muscles and encourage the healing process so it doesn’t slip back out would be greatly appreciated.

    With gratitude,

    jkali02 at yahoo dot ca

  20. Ayla: Thank you so much for coming over to post and I hope you will report back after getting your atlasprofilax adjustment.

    As far as fibromyalgia goes, I suffered from that greatly in the 80’s. In my own case, I found most of the pain was stress-related and from way back. In other words, once I did a lot of the emotional healing I needed to do, which took years by the way, the pain reduced greatly.

    Fibromyalgia is sort of a made-up condition anyway. Doctors don’t know what it is so they call it fibromyalgia which literally means your muscles hurt. The pain is real but doctors really don’t know what causes it so they have to call it something.

    Massage was vital for me but it became clear that not every massage therapist could handle fibromyalgia. There are massage therapists who specialize in fibro trigger points and know how to work with fibro pain far better than others. I’d seek one of those out.

    Article on fibro that may be helpful:

    Also, you might consider foot reflexology. Because it the painful areas are not directly massaged, it can be far less painful than a full body massage although you will likely have painful areas on the reflexes in the feet that correspond with the shoulders, neck and fibro trigger points.

    Article on reflexology:

    Atlasprofilax alone is not enough, in my opinion. Though it can help, I believe, to correct atlas misalignment, I think it is only the beginning of healing a chronic pain situation like fibro.

    Muscle relaxers can be helpful….not sure I’d do that for 2 weeks though but at least 2 or 3 days. Also, baking soda baths might be helpful though not if you are on a sodium restricted diet.

    As far as having mercury fillings removed, that could most definitely be a factor because of released mercury that may have settled in joints, organs or tissues. Please read the post here on heavy metals:

    And related article:

  21. Hello again!
    Sorry I forgot to say hei sooner.
    Its now 4 months since my atlasprofilax-treatment. At first I didnt notice much, in fact I got a lot worse. But the cause of that, was that I had a “lockfoot” I needed treatment for. After the “lockfoottreatment” I got better instantly. I was explained that the lockfoot had slowed down the whole prosess. I now have pain in warios places of the body, I can feel that things happen. Its not a boring second theese days:-) Old pains came back also. But I have much more energi. I need less sleep, and tolerate more sound and noice. My stomich are in pain after the treatment also, but I am waiting for things to turn soon.

    I write more some other day, my babyboy just woke up.
    Bye for now

    hotmail dot com

  22. Renate: Thanks for reporting back in. I’m curious as to what a lockfoot is? I researched the term and could not find anything about it. I am assuming that it may mean you had a foot that was locked in some abnormal position. Do you know another name for it? How was it corrected?

    I’ll be curious to hear back if the stomach pain continues. I’m not sure why atlasprofilax would trigger that sort of response. However, if you had a chronic subluxation that affected the nerves that inervate the stomach, I suppose it’s possible that there could be an adjustment period of healing.

    Keep us posted. And thanks.

  23. Hallo again. My atlas is still in the correct plase. I no longer use my glases:-) My eyes have got so much better. And I no longer need special shoos for my feet:-) But my neck and back are killing me. The muscle adjustment are painful.

    I have had a lot of foodallergies and stomichpain all my life, so I belive thats the reason my stomich got worse after the treatment. By the way the stomich still hurts. But I have heard it can take months before its get better.

    I dont howe to explain lockfoot since my english is so bad. But I can try. Its a bone in the foot, between the heel and the toes wich is locked. After I had this treatment my os coccygis is less painful. And I can walk in normal shoes.

    So things is defintly happening, but I am still in much pain, and felling sick. I hope it turns soon. But the man who did the atlasprofilaxtreatment said that longer the body has been sick, the longer its take to regenerate the body. So I am trying to keep my hope up a little longer.

    Bye for now, I write more some other time:-)

  24. Wow, that’s terrific news about your eyesight improving. And no longer needing special shoes.

    You say your neck and back are still hurting a lot? Are you getting regular massage? And why are you still getting other adjustments?

    If you are seeing a standard chiropractor who gives manual adjustments, I would encourage you to investigate low-force or no-force chiropractic care. Adjustments should not hurt.

    My favorite type of no-force is B.E.S.T. / Morter Health System trained chiropractic care. I have info on it here:

    Oh, ok, I think I know the bone you mean in the foot. Not sure what that condition is called here in the states. Maybe someone reading this can let us know about that.

    Keep us posted.

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