Colonics Therapist Feedback – St. Paul

Positive Feedback for Colonics Therapist – St. Paul, Minnesota
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Colonic Therapy Recommendation for Minnesota Therapist

This feedback came to me from a lady in St. Paul Minnesota.  If you are in the St. Paul area and looking for a good colonics therapist, Eldoris comes with high recommendations from a happy recipient of her healing abilities as a colonics therapist.

Her name is Eldoris.  Her business in North St. Paul MN is called “Collage”.  Phone number: 651-770-0337

Feedback from Client after Colonics at Collage with Eldoris:

I had another colonic today from a different therapist using a method more as the one you described.  It was unbelievable!  She initially used a chi machine, hot compresses over the belly, foot reflexology, and belly massage.

Then onto the colonic room where I released what seemed like half my weight.

I’ve been exhausted since and feel that is healing in itself.  Am going back for more this week until I feel completely relieved of Candida die-off which is when I’ll know I’m well.

Will continue the rest of my wellness protocol forever as it feels right.

3 thoughts on “Colonics Therapist Feedback – St. Paul

  1. How do we know if a person is a genuine colonic therapist. I do know that it can be extremely dangerous if done by untrained personnel. If done too often, I do know that it can cause heart failure from electrolyte imbalances in the . I am still very skeptical about colonic therapy.

  2. If a person has diverticulitis or other serious colon issues, they should always inform the colonics therapist of this before ever having a colonic done. It is possible that, if a person has a weak diverticulitis area in their colon, that the colon wall could perforate during a colonic. I don’t know what the statistics are on that and will do some research on that subject when I find the time. Thanks for bringing up the topic.

    If a person is in otherwise good health and has no diverticulitis or other condition that might weaken the colon wall, I believe colonics to be safe, assuming the therapist is skilled and aware.

    That is an issue whether you are going to a western doctor or an alternative medicine provider. Different levels of skill and awareness matter a great deal, regardless of the treatment I get so I like to talk with the therapist beforehand and ask questions about risks, how uncomfortable a therapy might be, what to expect during and after a treatment, etc. If they don’t want to take time to explain that or don’t seem to have anything to report in any of those areas, I would wonder if they have the level of skill I want whenever I allow anyone to help me feel better.

    As for electrolyte imbalances, I’d say that could also be a risk if a person were already depleted when they went in and had colonics over and over. An ethical colonics therapist should also inform you of how often a colonic will be safe, based on your particular health situation.

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