My New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A resolution to shift my health into a more vibrant place

I wavered about even making a resolution this year, til about 10 pm last night.

Part of my struggle with this every year is that there are always so many shifts and changes that I desire to incorporate that I hardly know how to choose. I hope it will always be that way as long as I AM Spirit having a human experience.

Experience means experiencing and that means shifting and changing as I grow and evolve, at least that’s what it means to me. I finally decided that my primary focus for the new year would be shifting my health into a more vibrant place.

Due to a spiritual, mental and emotional breakdown and reconfiguration that lasted about 7 years, my immune system and body have been challenged in ways that I don’t find conducive to continuing to enjoy life into my older years.

I am integrating the lessons of both bursitis and carpal tunnel, taking into account my awareness of resentment issues and also of the Louise Hay on elbow pain and information on a Natural Bursitis Remedy

I am making a lot of progress, as evidenced by how much better my elbow and my wrist are feeling. I am also making good progress in areas of flexibility, or rather lack of it. So, as I sat pondering this idea of a resolution, I knew I wanted to keep it simple. I remembered my email from my friend Casey, and the smile he sent my way. I resolved to walk, meditate and use the rebounder before turning on my computer. That’s it. That’s my resolution.

I saw that the way I start my morning is typically how I end my day. In other words, if I hit the ground working…..I tend to work all day, to work too much, and to end the day with an aching wrist, aching shoulders and a tense neck. I also tend to eat less and eat less well.

So, by shifting how I begin each day, I can sense that how I end each day will also be different.

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