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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Body Rigidity and Inflexibility from a Spiritual Perspective

My new year’s resolution to walk, to meditate and to use the rebounder before turning on the computer is in it’s second day. Old habits die hard sometimes and it was harder to do all three of those things before sitting down to work today than it was to do them yesterday. I’m sure, over time, that will reverse and it will be more challenging to sit down and type for hours than it has been in the past….and that’s a good thing.

Balance. It’s a concept I struggle with and one that is a big lesson for me this time around, along with flexibility.

I so admire the way God created the human body to reflect the journey of the Spirit …. my health challenges mirror my spiritual challenges in that I experience stiff, aching joints and arthritis-like symptoms.

These spiritual challenge symptoms abate whenever I remember to be more flexible, physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

Way back when, before I got on a conscious spiritual path, I saw a mental health counselor who was very wise.

After listening to me tell him why I couldn’t be happy with the way things were (and they were not what anyone would call good in my childhood), he made a comment that stuck with me. Perhaps paraphrasing or perhaps word for word, he said:

“A lot of people build dream castles in the sky; you live in yours.”

What he was saying was that the world would never be as perfect as I thought it should be in my mind. There would always be challenge and change and imperfection and the inevitable confusion of learning new things.

I read a book that talked about the process of learning something new and the author commented that it was impossible to learn something new if you didn’t go through a period of confusion….the “not knowing” and wandering through potentials is a vital part of discovery. I didn’t want to have to go through that.

Now, I view my body’s rigidity as directly proportional to my spiritual rigidity and it correlates perfectly. At times when I’m rigid spiritually, wanting a reality to be different or wanting myself to be different in the moment, my body also stiffens up and aches. The spiritual value of being in a body that reflects mental, emotional and spiritual states so readily is priceless. Balance and flexibility seem like really good goals for me at the moment.

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