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Fibromyalgia Articles and Information Update:
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Fibromyalgia Updates on the Wellness Library
Just a note that I updated two pages on the main site having to do with fibromyalgia, and more specifically, sedatives for fibromyalgia-related sleep problems.

In addition, I suggest the Mayo Clinic website for medically reliable fibromyalgia information. They have comprehensive information on fibromyalgia including the causes of fibromyalgia, risk factors for developing fibro, symptoms to look for that might signal you have fibro and when you should seek medical advice. They also cover the screening process doctors use to diagnose fibromyalgia in their patients and offer coping tips for those who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Since there are complications that can arise in those diagnosed with this health challenge, the folks at the Mayo Clinic also cover fibro complications as well as listing the different types of medical treatments available and giving important self-care tips.

I’m very happy that they also include a section on complementary and alternative medicine options for addressing fibro pain and inflammation. Although they say that more testing and studies need to be done on these alternative medicine modalities, they do suggest that some beneficial result may be experienced by the person suffering from fibromyalgia. Topics in this section include osteopathy, massage, chiropractic care and accupuncture.

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