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From my Momma – and of course, the author
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Blessed are the Flexible

I just got an email from my sweet Mom and it was full of those short, humorous comments that often circulate widely on the internet. It should be noted that my Mom suffered through horrendous months of chemotherapy and other health challenges but she never, ever lost her sense of humor and I think it was that sense of innocent mirth that kept her alive as long as we were graced to have her alive on the planet.

As I was reading the email from my mom, and chuckling at more than one response, I saw a couple that meant for me and thought of how many times I just deleted such mass emails (I probably would have deleted this one if it had not come from my Mom) and how I might need to rethink that decision since one never knows the avenue God may use to reach you with a message or an affirmation.

I got both.

The first wisdom blurb read:

“Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape”.

Bulls Eye! What have I been posting about for weeks now? My awareness of needing to be more flexible. Thanks for the reminder Mom, and the affirmation.

The second piece of wisdom:

“Laugh every day – it is like inner jogging”.

I’ve also been focused on getting into some type of exercise that I can enjoy and appreciate….well, I must not forget to exercise the internal me as well and it is so true that laughter can be the very best medicine ever.

There were a lot more cute ones that hit home to some part of me but those were the two that stood out this morning. I think I’ll save that email for future reference. Who knows which gem of wisdom might catch my eye tomorrow?

Thanks Mom!

ps. I don’t know the origin of these wisdom blurbs but if someone is the author of the two sayings I quoted, just let me know and I’ll give credit where credit is due.

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