Bruno Groening Documentary

A Documentary on the Healing Work of Bruneo Groening – A good man doing God’s work or a Charlatan?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Spiritual Healer Bruno Groening said “People who received healing should thank God for it”

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I had never heard of Bruno Groening until I got an email about a spiritual gathering in Chattanooga, Tennessee, being put on by those who believed in him and his work. Bruno came to fame the hard way, the way most radical spiritual healers tend to …. people filled his community meetings for healing and many reported instantaneous and permanent healing of many different kinds, simply by being in his presence or within the sound of his voice.

Yet Bruno Groening said of himself:

“I only want to be a guide for humankind, in that I show them the right path; the path to God.”

He also did not take credit for healing anyone but delivered all praise to God for any healing that occurred. He said:

“Don’t ever say that I heal, never. I’m only a little go-between, nothing more; a little transformer. People who received healing should thank God for it.”

I just watched a video on the work of this spiritually intense man, about how the government in Germany banned him from healing and then took him to court when the overwhelming outpouring of people seeking his assistance were not turned away by him.

The video is compelling for more than one reason. In particular there is an interview with a man named Adolf. I was moved to transformative tears by this man’s recounting of the horror of war:

“….we weren’t normal men; we were hyenas. As a normal human being, you can’t shoot anybody but we had to.”

So strong is Adolf’s ability to transmit the reality of experience that I feel just listening to the words of this man can help anyone who is haunted by war to somehow begin to release that horror from the body. I witnessed such a transformation in his energy as he took me through the agonizing reality of kill or be killed into the healing experience and beyond it to the man who still has such joy in his eyes that he is an inspiration.

Even if you have no interest in Bruno Groening, I’d suggest watching the video just for this man’s Truth and transformative energy. His interview is over halfway through the video so keep watching….I think you will anyway, the entire thing is fascinating. I loved what he said near the end of his interview, too:

“If you can’t believe, just forget about it. But nobody can take my belief away from me….”

You go, Adolf!

Here’s the link for the documentary video on Bruno Groening Here’s the main website for those who wish to attend healing meetings with those who coordinate support for healing in alignment with the healing principles of Bruno Groening: Bruno Groening Documentary

I want to also do a follow-up post here on the bizarre throat chakra swelling Bruno developed. He had a very noticable, large neck and swelling in the throat. I want to explore what that might mean and what the medical explanation might have been.

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