The Power of Yes and Next

No is a negative; Stuck is a choice
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Empowering Language and Thought

In learning to consciously co-create my reality with the universe, to be more in the flow of right action and to more fully utilize my God-given faculties, I have received guidance from others many, many, many times.

Sometimes, they were spiritually aware beings and other times, they were just people who had mastered a certain frequency of living.

For example, a friend of mine who certainly knew how to call money to her with every project she undertook taught me the creative importance of two words:

Yes and Next

She told me to say yes.

At that time, fear caused me to say no to a lot of opportunities. In fact, it was a kneejerk reaction to any new idea. No! Even before I knew why.

I was trying to keep myself safe from life by saying no to anything new, and therefore, confusing to me.

It didn’t work because what I realized finally was that saying no to something just meant saying yes to nothing.


So, I made a shift and decided I’d try saying yes to the universe, yes to considering new ideas, yes to trying new things.

Discernment wasn’t there at that time so I said yes to some things that were hindering but it was still better than saying no to everything out of fear.

The Power of Next

This same friend taught me the incredible power of “next”.

When a door closed for her, she immediately said “next”, knowing that there was something better waiting.

Of course, saying “next” without knowing another door is there somewhere is scary.

Sometimes, when we are on the brink of losing something we greatly value, we’d rather stay stuck in trying to hold on to it and wondering how we can fix ourselves or fix it, than to say to the universe “next”.

These a huge concepts, the balance of which cannot be covered in an article but that must be walked out in experience.

Obviously, we can say yes to things that will result in pain, suffering and loss. Also, we can say “next” before we get whatever lesson was in the situation that didn’t work out for us.

When kept in balance, the power of “Yes” and “Next” can keep us walking through our fears, embracing life more fully and living life with more excitement.

ps. It’s even more than saying yes, actually. It’s learning how to craft a yes answer in any situation. Even if I have two choices, and one is discerned to me more progressive than the other, it is far more powerful for me to say yes to the one that feels right than to say no to the one that doesn’t. It’s a subtle shift in handling choices. If I make the choice in a “yes” way, I’ve kept the momentum flowing toward progress, growth and balance. If I approach decisions from the “no” place, I’ve temporarily stopped my progress for the period of time I was in the frequency of “no”.

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