Neijing SuWen Winter Health Tips

Neijing SuWen Winter Health Tips

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Do you Feel Worse in Winter Months? Neijin SuWen can help
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Eating certain types of food
in the winter may help us
weather the cold times better,
according to The Neijing SuWen,
a classic dialogue on
Chinese Medicine.

During the winter months,
Chinese Medicine suggests
eating more root vegetables
like carrots, yams and turnips.

Also, upping your intake of
high-energy foods, foods
high in calcium, amino acids,
vitamins A and B2 and
Vitamin C-rich foods is
suggested for your winter diet.

Good sources for the above:

You can take a coral calcium
supplement or get your calcium
from milk, cheese, seaweed, yogurt
or other foods high in calcium.

Getting extra B2, A, C and Aminos
can also be accomplished, either
with supplementation (liquid supplements
are far more effective than tablets or
capsules due to the higher rate of
absorbability) or through increasing
foods high in those vitamins
and aminos.

B2-rich foods include eggs, liver
and milk. Liver also has a good
portion of Vitamin A. Other foods
to add vitamin A to the diet include
pumpkins, carrots and chinese
sweet potatos (characterized by
a orange-reddish colored inner meat).

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