Friends of Bruno Groening Knoxville, Tennessee

Circle of Friends Meetings in Knoxville, Tennessee

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Bruno Groening Free Gatherings in Tennessee, Atlanta, etc.

Schedule of events for the Knoxville, Tennessee chapter of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

I got an announcement by email last year and posted the schedule of events, for folks who might be interested in connecting with the energy and teachings of Bruno Groening and who are in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

The Circle of Friends there meets regularly. Contact Theresa if you wish to be informed of future community meetings in Knoxville.

They also hold online community hours for those who cannot attend an event in person. Please contact Theresa at teezaloha at yahoo dot com for the date of the next online community event. I noticed they hold separate community hours for farmers and gardeners as well, I suppose to talk about biodynamic principles.

From Theresa re the Knoxville, Tennessee chapter of the Friends of Bruno Groening:
As you know, we always meet every third week. However, due to some scheduling conflicts, we needed to adjust the community hour dates.

The meeting dates for our Sunday group, led by Ed White at OASIS Institute, are also being adjusted.

We hope these changes will not inconvenience anyone. We feel extremely grateful for the use of the beautiful spaces at “In Good Hands” and OASIS and for the continued support of Margaret and Joel Lesch and Stephen and Susan Anthony.

With all good wishes for a New Year of peace, health and abundance in every area of your life.

Theresa Schroeder and Ed White

“Trust and believe. The divine power helps and heals.”–Bruno Groening

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