Yin and Yang Dream

Medicine Dreaming Last Night!
A wonderful dreamtime training on male and female balance

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Dreams with Chinese People

I had the most marvelous dream last night. It was so pleasant that I wanted it to continue after waking but I also realize that Spirit wakes me sometimes so that I will be able to hold onto the dream and it’s message.

I was with a Chinese man and woman, both younger than myself. I was being trained to cook this wonderful Chinese soup by the man while the woman worked on my car.

In the dream, I was a little concerned about a woman mechanic, thinking the man might be more apt to know how to fix a car. Very significantly, I did not have the same concern about a woman being more apt to know how to cook.

I gave way to believing the woman could do it because the man had confidence in her, so I turned my attention to the soup. I started cutting something that looked like cabbage on a little cutting board but, when I looked over to my teacher I noticed he didn’t start chopping immediately but instead, drummed his fingertips on the cutting board. I realized he was something communicating with the cutting board….well, not just the cutting board but the knife, the vegetables, everything. It was a spiritual preparation for the meal to come.

Then, I was actually cooking my soup with the woman watching. I suddenly realized that I had the heat too high and may have been cooking all the goodness out. I looked to her and she confirmed this.

I woke just as one of them was showing me a cutting board with just a few cooked veggies on it (I’m thinking it was the woman). I remember a carrot and something that may have been cabbage. It looked SO GOOD.

It’s hard to describe how I felt when I woke. I was so very delighted and felt such balance within me. I know this was a male/female Medicine Dream and that the message of it will unfold in my life for weeks to come. I am grateful.

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