Another Yin and Yang Dream

Medicine Dreams about Male and Female Energy Balance
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Balancing the Male and Female Within

The balance needed to move forward with spiritual purpose in the world is often referred to as yin and yang, or male and female.

When we are too aggressive in our masculine expression, then qualities of intuition, nurturing, creative gestation of ideas to fruition and success and other female qualities suffer.

On the other hand, if we are too agressive in our feminine expression, then we may lose ourselves to the needs of others, fail to give your intuition the time it needs to speak to us, and sit with so many creative ideas we can’t count them but lack the energy to bring them into manifestation.

I must be working this balance big time because I had my second yin and yang dream in as many nights. Last night I had this dream on male and female balance.

And last night, I had another dream, though not as joyful as the first one. I confess, I like the happy medicine better than the stuff that tastes bad but as long as they do the job of healing my consciousness, I’ll take either one.

In this dream I am headed toward some destination and realize there is trouble up the road. I can’t recall what the trouble was but anyway, I pull over to the side, where there is already a silver van parked. (Silver has connotations for me of E.T. connections and messages from my E.T. family).

As I pull in I check to make sure I leave enough room for the woman in the van to back up. It is an African-American woman driving and there is a child flailing his arms joyfully around in the back seat. There is also a male there but I don’t see him at first.

In my dreamscape, having people of other races (last night, they were Chinese) is always significant. Usually, black people are in my dreams to represent deep challenges emerging or fears of the unknown, or Shadow Side lessons.

In the dream, I close my eyes and then open them to see the silver van sliding very near my car. It is then pressed up against my car. I look to see the male outside looking at the front of my car and seeming to tell the woman that I have hit the fence in front of me. I look and
see a weathered, wooden fence and see that this is true. When I get out of the car, I realize that the silver van isn’t pressed against my car at all but a good foot away from it.

Great dream, with lots to spiritually ponder.

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