Manifesting Money for Spiritual Travels

What to do when your Spirit is urging a pilgrimage to India but your finances say you just can’t go.

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Spirited Statements:
I am a reiki master who is trying to improve her own spirituality, remove blockages etc. I still need to work more with my “children” lack and poverty. But I am doing so. Would like to visit India this year also. Lots of work to be done. Thanks again and DIVINE BLESSINGS!

Note from Neva:
This person didn’t really ask a question yet a response came so I shared it. And I’m sharing it here for others who might feel led to take a spiritual pilgrimage but also feel unable to do so because of money issues. Personally, I have felt led to meet Mother Meera and it isn’t money that stops me but the sheer idea of such a long and arduous trip. Yet, the same tips I’m giving for balancing money issues could also help me gear up for going to Germany one day.

Healing Facilitation Response:
I know all about those “twins” of yours. There is material on my website about healing poverty consciousness. In fact, I need to remind myself of that lesson again too.

One suggestion on India…..bringing yourself into resonance with what you want is a great way to increase that resonation in such a way as to draw the experience to you, I’d suggest:

1. Get some Indian chanting music and start listening to it all the time.
2. Ask to connect with Masters from India in your dreamtime.
3. Seek out others who have gone and let them tell you stories of their visits,
asking them to include as much detail as they can remember.
4. Get books on India with lots of clear, detailed pictures and gaze upon them before meditation and prayer.

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