Shaolin Temple Training

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Escorted by Dr George X Love
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Taiji and Qi Gong Master
Acupuncture Physician
20 years

MAY 12-20, 2008
Post Tours May 20-24
Option 1 – Yellow Mountain
Option 2 – Yangtze River Cruise

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to go to China, maybe it’s this year!

Shaolin Temple Training can enrich your life, whether you have never studied Martial Arts or whether you are a Martial Arts professional. In fact, you don’t have to train at all! Sightseeing is also avaiblable. Spouses welcome.

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Email : info at chinasportsandtravel . com

ps. You might also want to look into Vision Boarding. It’s today’s enhanced version to the Manifestation Memory Boards of a decade ago. There’s a free trial here.

Train as an Energetic Light Worker: Accelerated Alignment Healing Facilitation

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