Reiki and the Inner Child

What is The Healer’s Role When Working with Childhood Trauma and Healing the Inner Child

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Question on Healing:
“Can I try to reach the inner child of my client in order to help them? I always call on healing the inner child when I give reiki. I know some young people on drugs and I know that healing must begin from the inner child.”

Healing Facilitation Response:

Experience has taught me that it is usually non-progressive to try to do anything. I mean that rather literally. The moment my mind thinks….I’m going to…..I know I’m in trouble because I’ve decided the direction I think the session should go.

What is helpful to invite that type of healing session is to be certain you are in touch with your own inner child, that part of you that came in with such clear focus, awareness of mission, absence of programming and connection to source.

By making sure you’ve done your own work to consciously initiate re-connection with your own inner child, it naturally follows that your frequency and vibration would feel Safe and Sacred to anyone else needing to do that important work.

If you are able to provide Safe and Sacred Space to people, you are then in a position to invite inner child healing. An invitation is oh, so different than even a suggestion. It is an openess to a potential without any judgement or “push” on it.

This same open invitation energy is vital for any kind of partnership where you help to facilitate the healing work people want to do for themselves but it absolutely has to be there before that aspect of self that we call the inner child will make an appearance that leads to healing of any childhood traumas or distortions in the personality.

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