Shamanic Initiation Dream Example

A dream that shows how Spirit can work with us during dreamtime in ways that are shamanic and transformative

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Dreamtime Journeys:

I’ve worked with my dreams in a medicine way for decades now. It would be hard to describe how very deeply transformative my dreamtime has become. Not only do I do some of my best personal transformation work during the night when my body and conscious mind rest; I also do some of my best work as a healing facilitator with others.

The dream I’m about to share is from a woman of good heart; a humble, spiritual woman who I know is being groomed for great, great work. She is vibrant with Truth and Humility, two character traits that God can use greatly in the world. I was blown away by this dream because of the symbology and the transformative power in it.

If you have never asked for dreamtime help and guidance, perhaps reading a dream like this one may encourage you to do so. Related articles: What is a Shaman? and The Shaman’s Path This dream is the copywritten material of it’s author who, at this time, chooses to remain annonymous.

August 11 2006

The feeling was Africa..
I was in a small village
straw dirt looking huts on both sides
of the cracked dry earth.

There was a ceremony going on.

I saw a few circles ..One was made up of only males
and the circle I found myself standing in was made up of only females.
I realized at this point that I was surrounded by many Shamans.

The ritual began. The circle started to move around and around
and the chanting got louder and the circle moved faster..
and louder and faster around and around until my eyes felt as if
they were turned inside and out again.

As the circle moved around and the chanting became so loud,
I felt and saw myself going in and out of consciousness,
going so fast, spiraling in and out …up and down, inside my body.

Finally I collapsed on the ground.

I saw the women carrying me.
I was placed in a hole in the ground
which looked like almost like a bathtub.

I saw a man sitting in an old chair;
he was holding a longish stick in his hand and
pointing towards me as he filled the hole I was laying
in up to my neck in water…He motioned the stick
at this woman who was like my helper.

This leader (head Shaman) motioned the stick
and told her firmly to lift me out of the water
(I felt I was being prepared for something)
but she was saying “but….but she is unconscious…
The head Shaman said again firmly, “No, she is just waking up!”

So my helper lifted me out of this water and prepared me.
I now saw myself and her inside the hut.

She, this helper woman, was telling me that many were tricksters
and they were more or less robbing the weak and stealing from the poor.
She was very intense on revealing the truth.

She reached her hands inside the mattress,
pulling out of the middle these wire and hoses
and saying “Look! Look! Here is the proof of what
I say.”

So I mustered up energy to try and follow what she was showing me.
She stood by my side and said “Look, this is how they trick the people”

Picking up the wires and hoses she began to blow water
and air from them.

“See See…!”, she said.

Then she heard someone coming so she hurried and rushed
as to beat time itself, shoving all the insides taken from the mattress
back into it’s place, just as she found it.

Next, I saw myself standing in front of what looked like a bunk bed.
I was doing something…not really sure…setting up like these pagan statues
in a small structure that appeared to be a church or something, with a point
at the top where the two met in the middle.

As I was minding my own business setting up my figurines, not
bothering anyone, I heard this humming coming from behind me.
The humming kept getting stronger and louder the more I tried
to ignore it.

Finally, irritated, I turned and found only a small humble monk.
I knew,right away, my place and bowed my head in complete
obedience, listening as his humming became clear.

Then, the monk came close to me and stuck a finger from
each hand into my ears. I heard a loud pop as he pulled
his fingers from my ears, as if he was unplugging them.
At the same moment he leaned himself very close and,
in my right ear, said firmly and loud and clear..


After that, it was like I snapped out of long sleep or
trance-like state.

Then, I was in a kitchen area where there were a few woman
preparing a meal, peeling potatoes and stuff. They were talking
and smiling, not paying attention to anything or anyone except
the sound of their own voices it seemed.

On this counter stood the “Holy Grail ” the only thing
is that it was super sized. A boy sat inside the Grail
saying look at me..I’m Zoë I’m Zoe !!

I reached in and picked the child up out of the cup
saying yes, you will think your Zoe when the masters
come and see you sitting in the Holy water..

I was smiling to myself.
Then I woke up completely.

When I was sharing the dream with a friend,
she told me the word “Zoe” in Greek
means “Life”..I found that very cool..!

More insight emerges: I just got another email from sharing fresh, new insight into the dream. This is also typical of Medicine Dreams in that they continue to unfold their wisdom the more you revisit them. That’s why journaling is so important. We are often given dreams with many levels of messages, some of which our consciousness has not been sufficiently awakened to receive at the time of the dream. It’s important to review as we grow spiritually. Medicine Dream – a gift that truly keeps giving. Here is the remarkable spiritual insight that came from a dream of before:

The name “Zoe” in Greek mean not only life but it’s a popular name for females.

What if the little boy in the Holy Grail sitting inside the Cup when saying “Look I’m Zoe, I’m Zoe” was waking my awareness to the fact (maybe I was being told by the Divine Spirit) that the churches want us to think that God the Creator is singular as in only Male….male principles.

Maybe I was being shown that the Creator is indeed female as well, the Two made ONE. They are Married. Male and female are indeed the Sacred Creator and the female, like the moon, has been in hidden, but she is taking her place on the throne (universe itself)

The Holy Grail, is “Life’ itself that awakens in all of us.

In all…life is.

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