Dizziness and Spiritual Acceleration

How a spiritually aware being might deal with sudden, unexplained dizziness and nausea

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

A question about Dizziness:
I just got an email from a person I’ve been working with as a spiritual counselor. This person is going through a time of tremendous visions and awakening and also experiencing some physical symptoms that are frightening, namely sudden, unexplained dizziness so acute as to feel as if throwing up is imminent.

I have to be very careful in this land of the free and home of the brave, in how I handle such requests for guidance. The concern put to me by this person was that perhaps they should go to the emergency room or see a doctor to rule out medical conditions.

I think it’s important to know how your body is handling acceleration so I do believe in diagnostic testing and feedback. For me personally, I do not get that from doctors unless that is the ony place left to turn. In my awareness of the medical profession, it is an industry that still mainly treats symptoms not cause and that, for the most part, completely ignores the spiritual component in both the creation of illness and disease and the healing of it in the body.

So, whenever possible, I elect to get medical information outside the doctor’s office but I also realize that this is a highly personal choice and certainly not for everyone. A person must take responsibility for their health and well-being and if that means a trip to the emergency room, then I believe the person with that need should do just exactly that.

Having said that and hopefully covering my behind from any whiff of diagnosing, I would say two causes of dizziness could be ruled out without that trip to the office. Those two things are low blood pressure and low blood sugar.

A blood pressure cuff used when dizziness is present will tell whether low blood pressure is happening. A glucose monitor can alert a person to low blood sugar issues that might then require more testing and treatment.

Before we rush off to the emergency room, why not look around and see if there is technology available that would put more of our health care in our own hands, without risking our health?

Other, more serious causes of sudden, unexplained dizziness include brain tumors and stroke. With strokes, a person may also have a severe headache, slurred speech, vision problems in one eye, weakness to one side of the body or other symptoms. These more serious health conditions should be ruled out medically.

Healing Facilitation Response:

Here is the response I gave this person, again repeating that I’m dealing with someone who recognizes that the body can manifest imbalance as a result of spiritual acceleration and that actual physical treatment needed may vary according to how well the person balances spiritually:

Yes, you should probably get yourself checked out. What I did was borrow a blood pressure machine from someone and check my blood pressure during the dizzy spells (I’ve had them off and on since about 1993, sometimes so bad I could not stand up). My blood pressure was a little low but not low enough to cause fainting.

Then I got a $20 test kit at the drug store to check my blood sugar. Aha. It was very low. So I researched low blood sugar diets and started eating more protien and less carbs. It helped a lot but the biggest thing that helps is reducing stress and anxiety.

Then, I found out about a test that costs $20. I bet someone around where you live has it, probably check with your local health store….

It is an FDA-approved test that will show if there is anything wrong with your blood flow and heart function. It’s very detailed and can show blockages, artery damage, etc. It’s called the Digital PulseWave Analyzer. My tests showed only what is considered normal loss of arterial strength for my age.

This is my way. Your way should be whatever it takes to ease your mind. If that means going to the emergency room, then that’s what it takes.

Having said that and clearly saying that I believe you should know what the medical implications might be and what your body might be manifesting in the way of imbalances like hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, etc., I will also inform you that spiritual acceleration can cause dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps and a host of other ailments. For example, i was so dizzy this morning i almost fainted. I don’t know if i was picking up yours or you were picking up mine but the reality is that we are changing our very dna. We are becoming Divinely Human. That means our bodies are literally being transformed. It is not always easy.

I wrote about picking up feelings from those in your spiritual circle in my spiritual prophecy ebook way back in 1996 because I knew it was going to be happening more and more as we became more empathic and as our dna changed to a more fluid, spiritual machine.

It’s important to take steps to give the body what it needs to balance. In my case, it needs protien. I got that loud and clear. In your case, it may need something else. Meditate on this and see if you get guidance. If not, call on your nutritional expert……..and you can also call me for a session on this but not til after Monday, as I have someone coming for work.

Sending supportive energy. Love, Neva

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