What Causes Heart Palpitations?

What Causes Heart Palpitations?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Common causes of heart palpitations or that feeling of the heart skipping a beat

As a perimenopausal woman, I am experiencing heart arrythmia. I do not have hot flashes now or that “racing heartbeat” that some women going through menopause go through but I do have that “heart just skipped a beat” thing going on and, quite frankly, it’s a little scary.

I didn’t realize menopause could cause heart palpitations but, apparently, it’s quite a common menopausal symptom and is caused by hormone fluctuations, which can happen very suddenly in the menopausal woman. However, I also learned that this condition can occur during menustration and during pregnancy as well, so any time a woman’s body is going through hormonal changes it appears that heart palpitations may happen as well.

Other causes of heart palpitations can be ingesting too many stimulants like caffeine or diet pills, or drinking too much alcohol.

Interestingly enough, I unwittingly discovered another cause of irregular heartbeat, at least for me. Fructose or cane sugar may be the culprit. Also, watch for fructooligosaccharide in health formulas you buy as it is a member of the fructose family.

Someone with panic disorder or anxiety disorder can experience heart palpitations as a result of stress, fear or anxiety.

Certain heart conditions, including mitral valve prolapse can cause heart palpitations as well.

Of course, most illegal drugs can affect the heart adversely including causing rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, arrythmia, etc.

Additional considerations if you are having heart palpitations: Smoking, stress and certain medications (talk with your doctor about any you are taking if you develop heart palpitations).

You should also rule out thyroid problems that can sometimes create heart palpitations as well as ruling out anemia.

Hyperventilation can bring them on as well, as can exercising too long or too intensely for your current level of endurance.

Proper diagnosis to rule out heart disease or other heart problems can be indicated but, in my case, I really feel it’s menopausal and caffiene-related along with stress in some cases. What I’ve learned about myself is that it doesn’t really matter if it’s what I would call good stress or the type of stress that is induced by worry, fear, or struggle.

I am just as apt to get these heart palpitations after a wonderful, fun but very tiring day of shopping, eating out and visiting with my friends as I am to get them out of any anxious state. The key for me is to not overdo the caffiene, to take frequent breaks during very busy days and most of all, to be sure I drink enough water and eat enough protein.

Less common potential causes of tachycardia include quinine, tea tree oil, EMF waves, etc.

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6 thoughts on “What Causes Heart Palpitations?

  1. Don’t forget adrenal fatigue, as this can cause palpitations and/or the heart to go into tacchycardic states. I experience this for several months and it took several doctors before I was diagnosed. Apparently, adrenal fatigue is not a recognized disease to Western medicine doctors. What a mistake.

  2. Thanks so much Lindy. Yes, I am sure mine is a partial list and I so appreciate others adding in their own wisdom. It’s kinda what I dreamed this site would be about….all of us adding our piece to this puzzle of illness and creating a picture that would help us all achieve better health.

    I will do some research on adrenal fatique as that is a new term for me. I have studied adrenal exhaustion before but it’s been so long…..I did not remember heart palpitations being a symptom so thanks, again, for adding that information and I hope you’ll visit often.


  3. ps. In reading a little bit about adrenal problems, including adrenal fatique and also adrenal exhaustion, or hypoadrenia, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a lot of different symptoms of this particular health challenge. It’s troubling to me that adrenal fatique is not accepted as a medical condition from the medical community but if you look at how long it took them to recognize fibromyalgia as a true health challenge, I guess it fits a sort of pattern.

    Among the symptoms I found listed on various websites (by the way, Lindy, none have listed heart palpitations yet but I just started looking tonight) are:

    Joint Pain
    Nerves and Anxiety Problems
    Cravings for Carbs
    Muscle Pains and Aches
    Fatique (of course)

    A lot of people who have hypoadrenia report an overall “just not feeling well” sense.

    There’s also some info on the link between diabetes and adrenal fatigue. For more on diabetes, I have a list of articles on my site and will probably, in the future, be adding one on adrenal fatique too. http://www.askahealer.com/diabetes.html

  4. Update….since this post and the comments added, I did indeed research adrenal fatique. Have 3pages on the site about that now:

    General info on adrenal fatique
    Dietary guidelines for folks with adrenal insufficiency
    Information about medical and alternative medicine approaches to treating this health challenge

  5. Thank you for posting this information. It will help a lot of people especially those who are at risk in heart attacks

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  6. Sue: I always visit sites that people want to link here at Healthy Choices Spirited Wellness Blog. If they are primarily to sell prescription medications, I don’t list them. Since the first thing I saw on your site was a lengthy ad about Kamagra Tablets, I am not linking your site.

    Yes, heart palpitations can certainly be a warning that there is a cardiovascular health issue and, as you said further down on the same page, it can also be a sign of anxiety.

    If you want to come back and post an original article on the subject of anxiety, since you seem to have personal experience with it, and link to an informational page on your site, I will reconsider linking you.

    However, heart palpitations may occur for any number of reasons, as I mentioned in the article so if there is no history of heart problems, I wouldn’t be overly concerned of heart attack dangers. Any good doctor will have it ruled out.

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