Ambient Pillow Product Review

My experience with the Ambient Holofiber Pillow, a technology designed to supply added oxygen to the tissues during sleep

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Product Review – Ambient Holofiber Pillow – Thumbs Down.

I first heard of the Ambient Pillow the way I bet a lot of people did….on the Oprah show. I heard this fella talking about new nano-technology in this pillow that actually resulted in more oxygen being released to the body during sleep. That sure sounded like a good thing to me.

In particular, I was wondering….might this help people with heart disease? One of the reasons people with heart problems often die in their sleep is lack of oxygen and nitric oxide. Might the Ambient pillow provide much needed oxygen to those folks? In researching before doing this product review on the Ambient Pillow, I did find information about a study that indicated the holfiber technology was beneficial to diabetics and it mentioned cardiovascular function in that study so it may be true that heart patients might also benefit if they can use the pillows or other holofiber garments that are available.

At the very least, I thought, more oxygen would help my skin look younger, kind of like a mini-spa in my bed. I ordered the Ambient Pillow, not just because I’m at the age where I start noticing every new line on my face but more because I have had a life-long search for the perfect pillow. I have probably tried more pillows than the average bear.

I thought the memory foam pillows might be the ticket but found, because I sleep so much on my side, that they pushed my chin out in an unnatural way that eventually ended up causing pain. Yes, even the more expensive Temperpedic had this unwanted effect.

I tried the water-filled pillows one of my chiropractors sold….it seemed to lump up in areas while not providing enough support to my neck. I tried more water, less water, more, less, til I gave up.

So, I ordered the Ambient pillow. I wish I could say my search for the perfect pillow ended there but, alas, it has not ended.

What I liked about the Ambient Pillow:
The covering was lush and soft against my skin. I liked that.

I also liked that I actually felt more warm when lying on the Ambient pillow, which seemed proof to me that it was indeed delivering more oxygen and improving blood flow.

What I did not like about the Ambient Pillow:
I did not like the sewn ribs that go in two rows around the top and bottom of the pillow. I can feel these ribs when I am lying on the pillow and they bother me.

The pillow was also too high for my neck. I ordered the standard size, not the large, because I am a woman and have a small neck. Still, it was too high. When I lay on my back, my neck was tilted foward to an uncomfortable degree. Sleeping on my side for a few hours left
me with neck pain as well.

The final deal breaker came when I realized that, after just a short time sleeping with the Ambient pillow, I felt smothered and as if my throat and nose might be closing up.

Important note: I am extremely sensitive to chemicals, allergens, etc. so it may be that I am the only person in the world that this pillow would adversely affect in this way. Since I am aware that any number of allergens could have produced that affect, I tried again and again with the pillow, to be sure it was the addition of the holofiber that was causing the reaction I first reported in my earlier, initial product review. After dozens of similar experiences, I concluded that I am allergic to something in this pillow.

I had about resigned myself to the idea that maybe I could use the pillow as a body pillow instead, and at least enjoy the extra warmth on chilly winter mornings. Maybe if it wasn’t near my head, it wouldn’t cause the smothering feeling. No such luck. Even under the cover, and away from my nose and face, I still ended up feeling as if my nose and throat were constricted.

I looked for any information online that would tell me what is in holofiber but couldn’t find that information. There is some general information at holofiber dot com but not about what it is made of and that’s what I need to know.

So, I have to give the Ambient Pillow a thumbs down in my personal experience. If none of the other factors besides my allergic reaction to it would be factors with another person though, I think it might be an enjoyable experience for many people.

2 thoughts on “Ambient Pillow Product Review

  1. I really don’t think a review by a person like you is very helpful as you are unbelievably sensitive. Not anywhere near the “average bear”.
    You should probably see a doctor about that.

  2. Marianne: I certainly acknowleged my sensitivities, in fact pointed them out in the review. My review may not be helpful to those who are not overly sensitive. I believe it might be extremely helpful to others who are, like myself, sensitive on levels that the average bear finds unbelievable.

    Thanks for your comments and concern for my health. I won’t be seeing a doctor about that. However, I am, as I have always done, looking at all aspects of why this sensitivity is part of my existence.

    In many ways, I’ve always felt a little like the canary in the coal mine. Miners used to send down a canary to test for toxic fumes because it would affect the canary far faster that the miners.

    I will repeat what I said in the review though, and that is that I may be the only person in the world the Ambient pillow would bother. On the chance that I’m not, here’s my experience.

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