Sclerology and Iridology Training

Sclerology and Iridology Classes announced – Teacher Certification in Sclerology or Iridology also offered

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I’ve been aware of and impressed with iridology, which is the study of the eye as a diagnostic tool that can reveal stresses in organs or other systems of the body but I didn’t know much about sclerology. However, a friend of mine who has learned sclerology after being an iridologist for some time says it is quite an important tool.

Where iridology focuses on the shape, color and other characteristics of the eye itself, sclerology focuses on the red lines, or sclera, around the eye.

I’m adding this to the Spiritual Events category because most of the people I know who have gotten into either iridology or sclerology are also spiritually inclined and drawn to natural methods of helping the body heal.

This is an announcement I got about upcoming Sclerology Training. Please contact the appropriate person for more information if this is a branch of healing study you’d like to pursue.

What are the advantages of knowing GranMed Sclerology?
—High self-confidence
—Owning a very effective skill
—An inexpensive, painless, non-invasive natural health evaluation
—Knowing how & why to be healthy (and how to motivate clients likewise!)
—Knowing their CURRENT PATHOLOGY—no matter how dark the eyes!
—Identifying the 11 signs that require immediate medical attention

The list goes on and on…
—The true cause and source of disease
—The difference between health knowledge and health wisdom
—Identifying childish, adolescent and adult behavior in the client (and in oneself!)
—Hands-on use of the tools you need (camera system, office forms, etc.)
—Complete herb, diet, and nutritional supplement protocols
—How to set up and run a successful office practice
—Managing emotion-based cases

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· 11-16Feb08 – 6-Day Full Sclerology Course, New Jersey $900
· 4-5Jun08 – 2-Day Sclerology Intro Class, San Diego $375
Related Event 6-8Jun08 – Bernard Jensen Centenary, San Diego Fone: 1-760-471-9977
· 16-21Jun08 – WORLD PREMIERE: 6-Day Full Personality Iridology Course, Calgary $900
· 19-20Jul08 – 2-Day Sclerology Intro Class, Los Angeles $375
· 9-14Aug08 – 6-Day Full Sclerology Course, England $900
· 1-7Sep08 – 6-Day Sclerology + 1-Day Adidam Radical Healing, Canberra $999
· 11-17Sep08 – 6-Day Personality Iridology + 1-Day Adidam Radical Healing, Perth $999
· 22-28Sep08 – 6-Day Personality Iridology + 1-Day Adidam Radical Healing, Sydney $999
Related Event 17-19Oct08 – Dr. Pesek’s Iridology Congress, Ohio Fone: 828-926-6100
· 17-22Nov08 – 7-Day Full Sclerology “Vacation” Course, Puerto Vallarta $900
· 1-6Dec08 – 6-Day Full Physical Iridology Course, San Diego $900
· Jan 09 – 2-Day Sclerology Intro $325 at 7-Day “Sclerology at Sea” Cruise $925/person
· 16-21Mar09 – 6-Day Full Sclerology Course, Durban, S. Africa $900

Competency & Teacher Certification information available

Iridology / Sclerology Product Brochure on request

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