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How I’m doing with my New Year’s Resolutions and why they had to shift

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
I did great for the first two weeks…..

I made a New Year’s resolution I was pretty sure I could keep….and I have not kept it, at least not the way I originally made it.

I did great for the first two weeks….story of everyone who makes a New Year’s Resolution, right? I got up every morning, meditated, walked and jumped on the rebounder, just as I had resolved to do.

Then, I started just standing on the rebounder but not jumping, just to keep my commitment or getting on the rebounder. Next, I just walked and meditated. Some days, I just meditated. Now, I’m back to walking and meditating but not rebounding.

Why wasn’t I able to keep the resolution? There’s excuses and then there are reasons. My excuse was that, coupled with the CardioCocktail I’ve been taking, the rebounding was causing me to detox too fast due to the way it stimulates lymph drainage and I wasn’t feeling well from it.

Also, I was having heart palpitations. At first, I thought the heart palpitations were caused by hormonal imbalances but now, I’m not so sure. I reduced my dosage of the Cardiococktail to 1/2 ounce from 1 ounce and, sure enough, the heart palpitations began to decrease with each day I stayed at the reduced dosage.

Getting off track….that’s a post for the product review I’ll be doing on the cocktail soon….my point is that my body was going through things that made keeping my resolution to use the rebounder unpractical. So, I stopped doing it.

I still walk and meditate every morning…well, I think I’ve missed walking one morning since January 1…but even those may need to change or I may need to take a break from them.

Maybe one of the reasons resolutions fail is because they don’t take into account that we are always, always, always in flux. We are a work in progress, a living, changing entity. To say that we will always do the same thing every day or even that a goal we make on one day will still be a goal we want to reach six months later, is missing the point.

I learned a lot about myself in this challenge and I am ok with myself.
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