Sinus Infections and Sinusitis Remedies

Question about natural remedies for sinusitis and how to get rid of sinus infections

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Sinus Infections and Sinusitis Remedies

Question on healing:
Do you have any advice for me…. I have terrible congestion in my nose. I have severe allergies and do not like taking Alegra, but it helps only for a while. Do you have a natural remedy for sinusitis or to get rid of sinus infections??? This has been going on for a while. I moved to an office about 3 years ago that has been flooded and there are signs of mold in the bathroom and hall areas. I take herbal supplements as well but nothing is clearing this up.

Healing Facilitation Response:
There are several things I’d do if I were in your position.

First, consider cleansing your environment in a dedicated way. Tea tree oil is excellent for killing bacteria and mold, as well as dust mites. I put about 30 or 40 drops of tea tree oil in with about two cups of water in a spray bottle and mist my mattress, both sides and around the sides as well, and my pillows to kill dust mites.

You can also use tea tree oil to cleanse your bathroom and wherever you smell mold. If you can still smell it, it can still be hurting you.

If you have carpet, I’d suggest getting it taken out. If it’s new, I would strongly suggest sealing it with a non-toxic sealant for carpets to prevent outgassing. If removing the carpet is not feasible, you could spritz with the tea tree oil and water mixture before vacuuming to kill dust mites. Also, if you have pets consider getting Aller-Pet or some other product that will help keep down pet dander.

Make sure you change air filters on a regular basis and go ahead and pay a few extra bucks for the best, the ones that filter dander, mites, viruses and molds.

Now, for the body……Tea tree oil can be helpful there too. I gargle with tea tree oil, sufficiently dilluted with water ( a little goes a long way, I never use more than three drops in a glass of water), and also use the Nutrabiotic Grapeseed Extract and Tea Tree oil ear drops. Both may help with allergies.

Simply Saline or other pure saline washes may be very helpful too. Saline has a soothing and clearing effect on the sinuses and, unlike most over the counter sinus sprays, is non-addicting.

Avoiding perfumes, hairsprays and scented washing powders is also important with severe allergies.

You might want to read about Mangosteen Juice too, because it has wonderful properties including being a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Helpful in a wide range of conditions, it might well assist your body in fighting allergic response.

For allergic reactions already being experienced, I’d recommend reading about natural allergy remedies

And finally, because I am a spiritual wellness counselor, I’d look at emotional issues you may be either suppressing or being overwhelmed by since the sinuses often represent imbalance in the emotional field. A lot of times a severe sinus infection may simply be something surfacing for healing, emotionally. Seeing a counselor or spiritual healer and focusing on emotional issue that may be up for healing is very beneficial.

ps. I just realized the mold is where you work and not in your home. Same thing though….I’d get permission to clean that up or I’d be looking for a new job cause, to me, no job is worth your health.

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  5. Neil: I’m assuming you mean that you have a naturally strong immune system. If so, that is indeed a blessing. Sinus problems can have a lot of different contributing factors but I always suggest looking at allergies, toxic elements in the environment, dust mites and underlying infections that might be contributing to sinusitis.

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