More Fluorescent Lights Safety Concerns

Still researching this rumor about all light bulbs being replaced by the new, compact florescent light bulbs….is a ban coming?

California mandating use of flourescents?

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More disturbing trends….just read that the state of California has proposed to mandate the use of florescents to conserve energy….at what cost, people, at what cost?

More concerns…in addition to mercury, this type of lighting typically contains pcb’s. Here’s what the Environment, Health and Safety Online website has to say about the danger of this substance:

“The primary concern regarding the disposal of used fluorescent ballasts is the health risk associated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Human exposure to these possible carcinogens can cause skin, liver, and reproductive disorders.”

Also related, my earlier post on Walmart’s goal to sell compact flourescents to the world

It’s pretty well known that flourescent lighting can cause some people to have headaches, migraines and even seizures. Part of the reason is light flicker. I can certainly notice it when I have to use the florescent lights that were here at my place when I bought it. I don’t ever intend to replace those bulbs and I rarely turn them on but when I do, it isn’t long before I get a headache. People who work all day in florescent lighting often report headaches, eyestrain and other symptoms of discomfort.

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