My God is an Awesome God

The power and frequency of a spiritually uplifted prayer in song

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Moving the mountains Christ said could be moved when met by the voice of faith and told to MOVE

I was raised in a fundamental Christian church, with my primary religious role model being a straight-laced and unrelentingly stern Grandmother. She was a pillar of the community. The very characteristics that made her a pillar also made her inaccessible to me at a heart-level a lot of the time.

I could never fully embrace this wrathful God I heard about from the pulpit. I was afraid of Him, yes. Terrified, in fact. That never felt like the proper response but it was the one that came to me in response to what I heard and saw in fundamental religion.

It took me a while to go back to that and retrieve blessing and truth from that path, because of the wrathful God and guilt that had to be revisited as well.

I was finally able to embrace Christ in a way that was based in love rather than fear and that is such a blessing because Jesus really was the model for embodying Divinity in the flesh. His message got distorted this way and that but the Truth of Him is finally clear to me.

I listen to TBN occasionally because a lot of their preachers seem to know that Love is the message and that Fear only cripples faith in the end. I particularly enjoy Joyce Meyers and Benny Hinn.

Anyway, I said all that to say that I’ve been paraphrasing a wonderful song I hear there. Carman is the singer and he’s an interesting energy, all on his own.

I don’t know what it is about the melody of this particular tune but it has a frequency that is empowering, uplifting and healing. The very notes of the song heal.

The way Carman sang it, the second line was “He Reigns from Heaven Above”, of course, as per the original lyrics.

“Our God is an Awesome God” was written by Rich Mullins and this is the lyrics to the course as Rich wrote it:

Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from Heaven above
With wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God

Of course, lyrics are copyright of author, Rich Mullins.

I paraphrased it today because I was working with some physical energy blockages in my body and it came to me to sing it this way:

My God is an awesome God
Who Lives within my heart
With Wisdom, Joy and Love
My God is an Awesome God

My God is an awesome God
Who Lives within my lungs
With Wisdom, Joy and Love
My God is an awesome God

My God is an awesome God
Who Lives within my Throat…….

You get the idea.

It was powerful and wonderful and I’m still vibrating from it.

I also sang toward the medical building where my Mom was getting an x-ray. I projected, loud, that frequency of healing toward the building and all the people inside….not willing or forcing it on anyone but just making it available, sharing it.

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  1. Thanks Keith. I really was inspired and uplifted that whole day when I was singing it. In fact, I’m glad you reminded me. I want to do that again!

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