Is the Whole World Drumming?

Sacred Drumming Reverberates with Healing Frequency

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Drumbeat – Heart of the Mother, keeping time with our beingness, keeping us in time with All That Is.

For three days in a row now, spiritual drumming has come back to my attention. I used to journey everytime I heard the drums of the Lakota. It was almost an instant thing, and certainly unavioidable if I listened very long.

On deep levels, I understood the power of the Drum in Sacred Ceremony. My heart understood it; my beingness understood it. Then, I went away from the Lakota Relatives and away from the Sacred Drumbeat in Lakota ceremony; yet, that heartbeat of the Mother never left my heart.

So these 3 days, I have been reminded. First, came the message about the Grandmother Drum coming near me. It will be in Chattanooga soon, very near me. Will I go? Or if I sit still enough on that day, will I hear it anyway?

The second day, a friend sent me information about another Drumbeat being carried forward in Hawaii. The rhythm of Africa drumming the heartbeat across the ocean waves of Kauai.

This, the third day, I get a poem… reminds me that the Drumming within me never really stopped and that the dance of transformation still swirls me ruthlessly, lovingly, into and through my fears and that the coyote still howls into my darkest places, waking me up for deep soul sleep. The drumbeat continues, within and without……

By day we may sing as mockingbirds
By night we may yip as coyotes
but no matter how many times
we make up our faces
or strike a balance
the same old clowns
with laughing smiles
come popping through
the mirror

Come let us dance
out your healing
We know how much
goes into a facade
& so we specialize
in what cracks you up

We hear the word play
in anything serious
We see the ho in holy
We see the fun in funeral

You may not be able to
recognize the truth
when it jumps on your bones
& starts to wiggle
but we do with pleasure

Come let us dance out your fears
We love the rhythms of your
nervous laughter

Nothing is sacred
or everything is

If all living creatures
are like spokes on a wheel
your love has called us
from where all the spokes
come together

We make the moon & sun moan & sigh
We ride your nightmares bareback
Come let us dance out your cries for help
We’re the ones the blameworthy blame
We’re the ones the guilty condemn
We drum all the hell out of you

Copyright, Steve Toth

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