Sacred Beat Goes On

Exploring the profound spiritual message behind Drumming
the wisdom of the powwow….Sacred: The Beat Goes On

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This is a follow up to yesterdays post, Is the Whole World Drumming.

Now, fourth day into messages about drumming. I just came across this book and even the cover of the book woke me up more to what I used to do. I was regularly able to hear the beat of the drum. For seven years, it was in my home and in ceremony where I lived. I have missed that but didn’t know how much til all these various messages started appearing.

Today, it was this book….

Powwow Wisdom – Earth Drum
Just came across this book on Native American Powwows and the spiritual structure beneath the ceremony.

If there is one Native American ceremony that more non-Natives have been exposed to than any other, it’s probably the Powwow.

But do you really know what the dances mean and what the spiritual backbone of the powwow is?

If you’d like to learn more about Drumming, intentional living and prayer through song, poetry, dance and The Sacred Drum, this book may provide blessed insight, if you can find it. Last time I checked amazon, they didn’t have it available. Check back since it might be getting kinda rare but here’s the link in case it’s in stock Earth Dance Drum: A Celebration of Life

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