Are Your Prescription Drugs Off-Label?

Off-Label Prescribing and why it may matter to you

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

What Does Off Label Mean?

I learned a new term yesterday. Off-Label Prescriptions. It was kind of a new concept for me and one I had not considered in light of health challenges. Since I almost never have taken a prescription drug in my life, I was not aware of off-label prescribing.

As I understand it, a doctor goes “off-label” when they prescribe larger doses of a medicine than the label suggests or when they prescribe a medicine for a reason other than what it is typically prescribed to treat.

I have always been an advocate of informed healthcare. If you are not actively asking questions of your doctor and your pharmacist, about any prescription drug you are taking, you may be missing vital information that might matter to you. I suggest education and pro-active partnership with all healthcare professionals to whom you entrust your health.

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There are legal and ethical questions that are right to ask, about off-label prescriptions and the doctors who prescribe them. I’m not the only one asking questions about that. Here are a few of the questions that Ira Marxe, of Good Health Supplements, is asking:

– Are you an “off-label” guinea pig with your doctor?

– Quick Quiz: How many drug reps are there per physician?

– What three minutes causes you to pay 52 percent more for prescriptions?

– Why were a third of the negative antidepressant drug studies never published?

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