Hell in a Handbasket

Setting goals, falling short, reassessing priorities
and recovering from having your goals just go to hell in a handbasket

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Being Too Future-Oriented Interferes with my NOW

Those who subscribe to this blog may remember my new year’s resolution. I resolved to walk, rebound, and meditate before turning on the computer. Future-oriented resolutions are part and parcel of American life.

The first to go was rebounding. Next, my walking became sporadic. Now, I’m usually only doing one of three. I’ve hung on to the semblance of walking but it’s not with joy so that, in itself, feels a little counter-productive.

I followed the advice of those who write about such things….I kept my goals small and manageable, I made a plan for doing them each day. Still, less than a month into the new year and I’m not being consistent.

I ponder this spiritually……I am very interested in my process with this….well, apparently, not just my process but also that of quite a few others, judging from the very need for a New Year’s Resolution.

I am getting hold of the edges of understanding. It has to do with flow and creation and being in the moment somehow but I can’t see it clear yet. Something about “setting goals” and “making resolutions” is contrary to NOW and the moment unfolding in a spontaneous manner……I think there’s a better path to these things I want….more energy, better health, ever stronger connection to my Spirit. What is that path?

That’s what I walk with today, that question.

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