The Treasure of Time

Spending time with your family as a spiritual service and part of the path of spiritual awakening

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Family Issues:
I am aware that I chose my parents because I remember doing so before being born. I have resisted this idea because of trauma that has resulted from that choice. I have struggled with aspects of Truth.

Lately, I walk a different path with family issues. It is one of spiritual service. I know that I am to be an aware spiritual being with my family and to allow each one to be a brilliant source of teaching and awareness reflected back to me.

The treasure of time is one that can never be recovered once it’s gone. Each moment with my fmaily has become so spiritually rich that I cannot imagine what would be a deeper, more meaningful use of my time. Although some aspects are difficult, as is usually the case in so deep a human bond, the teaching is a gift.

Look around your family unit and find the one you most resist being with because that is probably your greatest teacher of spiritual awareness and principles of self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, non-judgment, tolerance and faith.

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