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Seeking articles on important aspect of self-development and success

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I can write articles on health and spirituality all day long but I know where my weak spots are and one of them is spiritual manifestation vs physical manifestation.

I tend to work too hard, period. I know success online or any other way does not have to be as effort-full as it typically has been for me.

I’m posting this to request articles and information from those who might have mastered the area of working smarter, not harder, and putting the laws of attraction to work in your work so that effort does not have to equal result, dollar for dollar and minute for minute.

I’m tired. I have typed more than most in the past ten years and though I appreciate the ability to reach so many on the internet and to offer information that I truly believe can help with healing on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels, I want to also manifest income that meets all my needs, easily and gracefully.

So, calling all manifestation experts…..send your original articles to me at

askme at askahealer dot com

And thanks in advance. Neva

Homeopathy as a Healing Tool

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Homeopathy as a Healing Tool, Guest Article on Homeopathic Medicine from Ayatnajanada

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Homeopathy: A system of healing which brings to light a concept where like treats and heals like. With this in mind let us regain this understand, the understanding of what Samuel Hahnemann said and described when he said that nature had a component and the like of its core treated the disease which it was resembling.

We understand that within nature there are components which have properties which give life. We also understand that within this there are dangerous components, and we understand that within this range there are a mixture of chemicals which give rise to both, good and bad, or health and disease.

When taking a homeopathy remedy think what transpires. Here is the basics. Scientifically speaking there are three major things which take place.

A remedy which is created within the confines of what we know about nature is something which has become succussed (tap repeatedly after each dilution) which binds the cosmic signature of this chemical to the polar aspect of the water. It is this signature which has been attached and becomes almost solidified to the molecules of water.

When the thing which is tapped repeatedly is given birth in the new form, (human with the disease or health problem) the likeness which gave rise to the disease and which is of the same signature as the homeopathy remedy, a reverseness of the signature occurs. Look for example at a cosine wave. The cosine wave is what would be typical of the signature of the plant or object in nature (used for the homeopathy remedy), and then think that this wave which is also the particles themselves, since this energy signature obeys the laws and practice of physics and laws of particle wave duality. It is this wave which can be described as a sin or cos depending on where the nature of the signature is made whole. And when the signature of the remedy is given to the same signature of the disease (although one is good or health-think of the cos wave- and one is bad or disease-think of the sin wave) realize that when taken correctly a disease is counterbalanced with what is the wave practice known as destructive interference.

Because man and women are energetic, all matter is energetic and thus even disease and healing tools like homeopathy are energetic. Therefore the likely explanation of homeopathy is such that like (cos wave which is of X amplitude, and Y frequency) treats the same disease or illness (which is sin wave of the same X amplitude, and Y frequency wave form). The difference of the wave is such that energetically they are the same, it is the lag or difference in the nature of where they start, one cos, one sin, that differs.

It is this difference which is not a signature difference, and therefore obeys the laws of similarity which Samuel Hahnemann described so many years ago. It is this difference which is the duality of nature. There are “good or healing things” which have a signature-call it cos-and there are “bad or illness creating things” which have a similar but out of phase-call is sin wave- signature, which when taken together create a destructive interference as explained through basic high school physics. With this understanding we can say that homeopathy makes sense scientifically according to the laws and practice of waves, and destructive interference through basic physics laws. It should be recognized that this is not sound in the sense that it is complete, yet this is the first building block as to why Homeopathy is scientifically a healing tool.

From Ayatnajanada, as taught through meditation through his foremost guru, Mahavatar Babaji. Ayatnajananda formerly known as Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn, is a chiropractor, who spends time writing and channeling information. The writing takes on the form of spirituality and success/motivational related topics. Please examine his website at for more information, books, and spiritual tools to help your spiritual and lifestyle develop.

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Acid Reflux Information Scanty

Request for information on successfully reducing acid reflux coughing fits at night – online acid reflux information scanty

Acid Reflux Information Request Specifics:

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I am seeking specific, helpful, personal experience stories about improving acid reflux, NOT looking for advertising. If you have a site that promotes acid reflux products and would like to advertise here, you can do so through google adsense or submit an original (not published elsewhere on the internet) article on the subject. If chosen, I will provide a sponsor link to your website.
Also please note: Since posting this original request, my Mom’s coughing has stopped. We think it was due to Advair. Please read comments for that update.

My mom has acid reflux and the worst part about it for her is that she can’t get good sleep at night because of coughing fits when she lays down. She sleeps a little better when she can stay on her back and elevated but the body isn’t designed to lay in one position all night and naturally turns from side to side during sleep.

The horrible coughing is really taking a toll on her health because she can’t get good sleep.

I’ve been researching online but aside from some dietary suggestions that I already knew about….eat smaller meals, don’t eat late at night, eat more fresh fruits and veggies, stay away from alcohol, etc…..and the ever-present suggestion to sleep in an elevated position, there doesn’t seem to be a lot out there.

Big Caution on Prescription Drug Side Effects:

I’ve been so frustrated at trying to suggest anything natural at all for her acid reflux, amidst all the prescription drugs and their side effects.

Mom takes Nexium and a lot of other prescription drugs for her heart and cholesterol so I’m wary of suggesting even the most simple natural health idea, like drinking apple cider vinegar in water (for example, if she’s taking something to reduce acid, what happens when she takes something designed to introduce more natural stomach acids?)

I swore I was giving up on the idea of suggesting anything natural that might be added to her health regimen after I tried suggesting a blend of liquid nutritionals that included mangosteen juice and goji juice, not realizing that goji juice may interfere with some blood thinners (mom is on plavix, which was not named as a blood thinner affected by goji juice. However, her blood pressure shot to stroke level within 2 days and I was concerned that the goji juice might be reducing the effectiveness of the plavix so I told mom to stop drinking the juices).

I also didn’t that potassium content could be an issue with anyone taking potassium-sparing diuretics. Some of the liquid nutritionals on the market now are naturally very high in potassium so this became yet another concern.

I read that hiatal hernia can make acid reflux worse, and mom has that too. Also read that it’s better to sleep on right side of body. I’m not sure why that is.

Surgical Procedures for Acid Reflux

I’m definitely not a big fan of surgery as a form of healing, unless it is the only option left. For some who have suffered with acid reflex, surgical procedures addressing it may feel like the only option they have left so I’m including some info I found online about such a procedure.

Video about the new surgical procedure for acid reflux being done by the Detroit Medical Center

Even though this procedure is considered minimally invasive, it is still surgery and the risks vs potential benefit should be carefully weighed and discussed with your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor who will take the time to answer all your questions about this procedure which, by the way, has the ridiculously impossible name of Laparoscopic nissen fundoplication, then my advice would be find a doctor who will take the time to fully and completely address all your questions and concerns.

Hey here’s a mental agility exercise…… Try Laparoscopic nissen fundoplication five times fast….wonder if we can just call it LNF for short?

As a foot reflexologist, I wondered if reflexology might help. Apparently, it can be very useful for stopping coughs from colds or flu.

I picked up a tip from my massage therapist for coughing in general and wondered if it might help acid reflux cough. It involves working the reflex points between the big toe and second toe in a sort of milking motion.

This foot reflexology work did stop mom’s coughing when I tried it on her but who wants to wake up in a coughing fit and have to do that to stop it every night?

I have read that digestive enzymes can be helpful for acid reflux but, to be honest, I’m even nervous about suggesting those with all the other drugs she is taking. They might digest something (like fat if high in lipase) a little too quickly or too good….who knows except a pharmacist who is also a doctor and a nutritionist?

Hey, maybe someone with those credentials will read this post…..hope so. Anyone who has new information on stopping the acid reflux cough, I’d love to hear about it.

ps. I’m also curious about those wedge pillows that are designed for sleeping at an elevated angle. They are touted as excellent for people with reflux but I’d love to hear from someone actually using them, instead of the company, so if you have one that works well for you, please let me know. For now, we just put some blocks under mom’s mattress and that seemed to help a lot but I wonder if it will damage the mattress over time.

LEAP Mediator Release Testing for IBS

LEAP Testing Provides Hope for IBS Sufferers

New Test that may help manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome, from my friend Jill Place

I met Jill when I was in Los Angeles. Jill has been a CAM practitioner for many years and is very knowledgeable in the fields of eating disorders, weight loss and addictions.

I liked Jill immediately. She has a smile to light up any room and is one of the most upbeat people I ever met. I’m on her email list and she just sent me something about IBS that I’d like to pass on to anyone who might be suffering from this condition.

Jill says……

People are always asking me about what to do about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is so common nowadays that it affects one in five Americans and accounts for one out of every 10 doctor visits. The most common symptoms include abdominal bloating, gas and the abnormal bowel discomforts of diarrhea and/or constipation. Doctors can control the symptoms with medication but, unfortunately, the medical model can’t seem to cure it. Not only that, the latest IBS drug, Zelnorm, has recently been recalled as it was found to increase risk of heart attacks, strokes, angina and death

I’ve been treating IBS alternatively quite successfully for 15 years with elimination diets and supplements. But I must admit that I’ve only been successful some of the time. Because there are lots of confounding issues such as food allergies that make IBS difficult to treat. And traditional food allergy testing, at best, fails to identify food sensitivities that may be making you sick. Until now.

Now there’s a better answer to IBS. The Mediator Release Test (MRT) identifies reactions to 150 foods and chemicals that are difficult to diagnose with any other test. It’s 94.5% sensitive and 91.7% specific, which makes it the most sensitive allergy test on the planet! And, coupled, with the LEAP elimination diet based upon the MRT results, it may end your IBS suffering once and for all!

One of my clients, who’s been suffering for years, found her symptoms cut in half TWO WEEKS after beginning the program. “I love not being sick!”, she said.

In her email, Jill included a link to the information that is apparently no longer working.

I’d suggest visiting her website and also she indicated that you could call her or email to get more information on LEAP Mediator Release Testing:

www . supplementsavvyrd dot com
Her email address is
jill at supplementsavvyRD dot com
and her phone number is
(888) 237-6875