Beauty Tip on Oily Skin

If your skin is oily, does that mean you should not use a moisturizer?  Answer from professional makeup artiste.

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Weston’s Wisdom
One time I worked on a pilot called Hopeful Times. It was a fun role and a funny character. My makeup artist was a fella by the name of Weston. Weston is pretty darn amazing. He gave me the neatest updo hairdo and makeup in no time at all and then repeated it the next day.

In the course of our time together, Weston educated me about a few things. For example, I learned that one of the best powders on EARTH for absorbing excess moisture and preventing your skin from becoming oily under film lights (or office lights, for that matter) is called Karabo and is from Japan.

I can testify because, normally, I have to be powdered down at least three or four times during the course of a filming day but with Karabo, no re-powdering needed at all. However, this stuff is EXPENSIVE. If you can swing it, I’d say Karabo is worth the money. It actually contains spun silk.

Also, Weston told me one of the main questions he always gets from women is this one:

If my skin is oily, does that mean I’m using too much moisturizer?

Weston’s answer: No. That means your skin is not hydrated enough. That means you should use more moisturizer.

He explained that internal hydration of the cells from a properly hydrated body produce moisture on the skin but when that isn’t available, the body has to resort to producing oils.

Better to keep the body hydrated from within.

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