Book Review Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Book Review Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
Very informative and clear work on Energy Medicine
Written in a way that even a beginner in healing facilitation can understand

Noted information from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book, and her copywritten material.

I had this book on my wish list and Spiritual Journey Woman sent it to me as a gift. I was so excited when I opened the package and saw that it was this book, Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden.

I had a feeling I’d resonate with her work and I was not wrong. I have so enjoyed reading about her healing modality and her unique way of expressing. I resonate with so much of what I’ve read, and recognize her language from my own experience.

There are things she sees a bit differently and I think that’s part of the gift that energetic healing facilitators can offer each other. The foreword is from Carolyn Myss, whose work has also informed my own and yet, in my awareness, these two could not be further from one another in terms of how they present their information. How wonderful to have so many and so varied a level of expression in the energy medicine community!

I love the physical exercises in the book and plan to incorporate a few of them into my weekend retreats, as well as making this book available in the library for those who come and want to learn more about Donna’s work. A large part of the work I do in the private healing intensives here revolves around integration of the energy and, for me, there’s no better way to keep energy flowing than movement. I often suggest walking, stretching or dancing when dealing with serious issues or struggling with something that is trying to emerge for healing.

One of My Favorite Donna Eden Exercise:
The Cross Crawl

The Cross Crawl exercise, in particular, was powerful and I immediately understood the Energy Medicine behind it. A lot of my own work with others focuses on male and female balance, yin and yang, right and left in the body/mind connection.

To do Donna’s Cross Crawl exercise, which helps balance left and right hemispheres of the brain, you just lift one arm with the opposite knee and then, switch.

In other words, lift the right arm and the left knee at the same time, and come back to center, then switch and lift the left arm and the right knee. Doing the Cross Crawl for about a minute will help restore focus, clear thinking and coordination and will help harmonize energies within you.

Donna does note that, if doing the Cross Crawl causes you to feel confused or tired, it is probably because you are stuck in what she calls “homolateral” which means your energy is not crossing over, from one side to the other, as it naturally should be and she offers additional work that can be done to unlock that unhealthy pattern.

I recognized this homolateral pattern from my own work as a healing facilitator. I’ve see people with energy that went straight down their body as well as people who had energy zig-zagging in all sorts of defensive and protective, unnatural patterns as the result of trauma and compressed cellular memory that prevented proper energy flow.

One gift Donna gave me was to present a different way of viewing the Chakras. I will be working with that in future sessions. She sees levels of the Chakra down in the body, and at deepest level, a grid. I’m very familiar with the etheric template of the body and see that as a grid all around the body but I had not looked down through the chakras to see what was at the base of them inside the body itself….or at least, I had not done that consciously although there have certainly been cellular releases that I know to have released from deep within the cell tissues of all parts of the physical body. I will enjoy delving into this new perspective of viewing the levels of the chakras.

If you have an interest in Energy Medicine, I’d recommend getting Donna Eden’s book. For convenience, here is an amazon link to Energy Medicine by Donna Eden or you can just pick up a copy at your local bookstore.

I give this resource a big thumbs up!

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