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People who had something to say to the world
a vision based on life that supports this idea of global peace

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Update, 2018: Pangea Day Project not online any longer. Hopefully, there will be more projects like this in the future.

The Pangea Day Project:

I made a post a while back on an internet event called Pangea Day. It was a film project by an impassioned filmmaker named Jehane who hopes that the end result of the Pangea Day project will be a film that brings the world a little closer together, for the purpose of supporting this dream we all have of global peace.

I finally did create my global peace segment and uploaded it. Did you? I’m sure everyone reading this page has something to tell the world. If we could all hear one another’s stories, maybe we could all come closer to embracing the reality of words like tolerance, acceptance, understanding and yes, peace.

So, the next time an event like Pangea Day comes along, take the opportunity to share your story with the world! And since it’s too late for that particular project, why not just post it anyway, somewhere online and keep this tradition of sharing our story with others going?

2 thoughts on “More on Pangea Day

  1. I will come back and share as many of my stories as possible. I have so many already and they continue to grow. What I can say for now in the most suscint way is do your best not to be afraid. No matter what dark times you have come from the light has just been waiting for you to realize she is there walking with you always. I’ve had sexual,verbal, emotional, and mental abuse, heavy drugs and drug addicts surrounding me, I turned away from my path, I wanted off this planet , I’ve dealt with lyme disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc. This list goes on in all areas of what’s wrong…. And yet as I open and trust and forgive myself more, I find that spirit never abandoned me, she never harmed me, she was merely trying to meet what I was saying I wanted ( I was asking from a
    point of fear). I have found it is hard to create beauty and wonder when you are asking from a fearful base. Light, love, joy to all. Remember all you have to do is let unconditional love flow through you. The rest will take care of itself.

    flowerrising at gmail dot com

  2. Starflower: Thank you for your post. Somewhere along the way I picked up a phrase that’s helped me a lot. It is “there’s nothing wrong here”.

    I say it most when all appearance is that I have erred or done something wrong of that something is happening that should not be happening. The shift happened when I realized that I have always acted the very highest level of my own consciousness so that, truly, there was never anything wrong. There were certainly things that were uncomfortable, painful, confusing and frustrating…and…there was nothing wrong.

    I look forward to hearing your inspiring stories.

    I too experienced abuse
    and fibromyalgia
    and arthritis and drug, alcohol, work and other addictive situations.

    You are so right that the key is to let love flow, always, even in the midst of fear, anger, pain or whatever else might also be present and the rest will take care of itself.

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