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Healthy Choices Well Blog Privacy Policy
This is an educational website. All questions may be posted anonymously, for the benefit of others. If you are uncomfortable about posting your question here, please note that I moderate all posts and, before posting them, I remove email addresses that the form automatically adds so your personal contact information will not show here.

At the Wellness Library site, I have a really good page that details my views on energy medicine and alternative medicine vs. western medicine and prescription drugs, as well as further information about how I protect your privacy.

Should you chose to submit a health- or spirit-related question, just know that I want to help the most people and that your question, or a version of it, as well as my response, may be posted. I take great care to remove any personal references before posting.

Ads Disclosure: Healthy Choices is supported by advertising through and amazon, as well as a few well-chosen affiliate programs. When you click on a link, Healthy Choices may receive a small remuneration for that action. All links are from reputable sources and safe.

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