Mangosteen Juice for Inflammation

How do we calm the inflammatory response?
Internal Inflammation is now being widely considered as a major underlying factor in all disease

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Mangosteen Juice for Inflammation

I’ve recently come across information about the body’s natural inflammatory response and how that can get out of hand, causing internal inflammation throughout the body that can impact health in a wide range of ways.

The symptoms of chronic inflammation are so numerous that they just about include every condition from Asthma to Vaginitis but one of the most common, persistent symptoms is Joint pain and stiffness. Even though joint stiffness and joint pain is a rather noticable symptom of internal inflammation, there are other less noticable and more serious repercussions to having an overactive inflammatory response, including heart stress and organ stress. In other words, internal inflammation might be a contributing factor underlying just about any condition, rather than being just a symptom of that condition.

If you think about it, anything that is swollen and inflamed cannot function as well as that same limb or organ without the inflammation.

Diets that are way out of balance with Omega 6 fatty acids vs. Omega 3’s tend to produce more inflammation than the body needs so looking into dietary changes that correct that imbalance are important, and that’s for another article.

Additional Mangosteen Juice Benefits:

In this little health tip, I’d just like to mention Mangosteen Juice for helping the body with internal inflammation. Of course, that’s not the only health benefit to Mangosteen Juice. It has a wide range of vitamins and minerals, for example, including B vitamins (1,2 and 6) and vitamin C as well as potassium, calcium and other minerals. Mangosteen Juice is also very high in antioxidants and Xanthones, which show promise for reducing cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

However, it is the effect Mangosteen has on inflammation that has most impressed me personally. I actually don’t see that talked about as much as the other qualities and, to me, it may be the most important benefit. If you suffer with joint stiffness, why not check out Mangosteen Juice?

Other natural anti-inflammatories include tumeric (which I’ve also used and found effective), boswellia, bioflavinoids, ginger, MSM (I’ve used and found effective), glucosamine (which I’ve also used and which did not agree with me at all) and Omega-3’s.

Of course, there are prescription drug anti-inflammatories too including NSAID’s like Motrin and Advil and and COX-2 inhibitors like Celebrex and Vioxx but these are not without serious potential side effects and risk.

There is a also a medically recognized blood test called C-reactive protein test, or CRP for short, that can measure levels of inflammation in the body and diagnose internal inflammation so it’s wonderful to have a medical test that can definitely confirm this condition.

15 thoughts on “Mangosteen Juice for Inflammation

  1. Hello, came across your blog searching for information on mangosteen and inflammation. I am trying mangosteen at the moment for relief from inflammation with dry eyes.

    I have only been taking it for a few days now, so may be too early to tell – and it’s expensive. Have also been on high omega 3 for 2-3 months, with some relief.

    I would be interested to know how well mangosteen has worked for you. The anecdotal evidence so far looks good.

    Jamie Strachan

  2. Jamie:

    Yes, it certainly is expensive. I think there must be a good bit of difference in quality between brands too and unfortunately, I can’t remember the particular brand I used. The next time I go to my health food store, I’m going to write that down because it is very good and worked great for me. I noticed less muscle pain around joints within days. I don’t know if you read the info on my main site but I have some good info there on Mangosteen and potential drug interactions, as well as info on all the popular liquid nutritionals including goji, pomegranate, noni and acai.

    You can access the beginning of that five-part article here:

    Omega 3’s are great. I’m not familiar with using them specifically for inflammation with dry eyes. I’d be interested to know where you read about that particular benefit.

  3. Thank you for the article reference. I am trying xanberry, which is an Australian brand produced from the entire fruit, plus grapeseed and a few other ingredients. I would like to recommend this to my mother who has battled with Rheumatoid arth all her life!

    There has been data available for a while around the benefits of Omega 3 fish oil for combating dry eye disease. Inflammation, along with environmental factors such as computers, airco and others go together to cause instability in the tear film of the eye, which in turn causes dry eye symptons. For some people this is a chronic condition and in some cases is a side effect of an underlying auto-immune disease.

    This great site will give you more than enough information on dry eye nutrition. It even has a forum section with doctor recommendations and comments. Happy reading. dryeyezone . com The site appears to be down just at the moment, however.


  4. Jamie:

    Yeah, the site is still down as I try it right now but will try again later. I was not using the type of Mangosteen Juice you are using. If you get a chance and can add a post on exactly what other juices are in the Xanberry blend, we can compare when I get the name and ingredients of the one I tried. I’ve actually used it more than once. I have to be a little careful with any type of juice because of the sugar content so I don’t use it all the time but I’ve used it several times when internal inflammation had become an issue and it did help.

    The Mangosteen juice I used was also a blend but I can’t remember what else it had in it beside Wolfberry. I know about that because it caused my Mom’s blood pressure to shoot up to dangeous levels in about two days. That’s one of the potential drug interactions to look for with Wolfberry. If you are on certain medications, it can cause problems.

  5. Just wondering if this would work for plaque build up in your arteries… is
    this considered inflammation? If not, what would work for this problem.

    Since you can’t really know if you have plaque build up without an invasive procedure, I would like to make a proactive strike against it since it runs in my family. Please advise if anyone knows if this has any benefits in that area or if something else has been proven to reduce the plaque.

  6. In the past six or seven years, there has been a lot of talk about the role of internal inflammation in illness, including heart disease. I definitely believe it is a major factor and that addressing internal inflammation is part of an intelligent approach to managing cardiovascular concerns.

    Natural anti-inflammatories like mangosteen juice, tumeric and omega-3’s can help.

    There is also a non-invasive test available now for checking the health of your arteries. I’m very thrilled about this new FDA-approved machine that can tell you, in a matter of minutes, how well your heart is functioning and how clear your arteries are. I posted info about it earlier here:

  7. <p>Mangosteen works. It helps out with high blood pressure, muscle aches, and even depression.</p>

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  8. I had not heard of mangosteen juice for depression. It definitely helped my own muscle aches. On the high blood pressure issue, if someone is on blood pressure medications or diuretics, they should check with their doctor and also monitor blood pressure daily if taking anything else that might also affect it.

    Thanks for the info.

  9. Hi,
    Very helpful information. I love your site and will spread the word of health and wellness. I am a cancer survivor and know how important it is to safe healthy. Our health is our greatest asset.

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  10. Dear Yvonne: Thanks for the comment. I removed your link because it went to a multi-level mass-generated website for a health product called Trivita. The only way I will link sites that are just for selling products is if you can provide a personal, ORIGINAL story about the product. Feel free to submit an ORIGINAL first person story if Trivita has been important in your life and I’ll be happy to provide a link to your distributor website for Trivita.

  11. <p>Mangosteen is used in other types of ailments other than being an anti inflammatory agent. This is primarily due to the fact that the fruit is very rich in antioxidants.</p>

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  12. Elmar: Yes, mangosteen juice does have some nice antioxidant properties as well.

    More info on Mangosteen juice properties is here:

    If you’d like to submit an original article on the subject, I’d welcome it and would then be also happy to link your website provided it has good info and is not just designed to sell mangosteen.

  13. I think it would be best if researchers and scientists are able to find a way to massively increase the concentration of the fruit’s health benefits.

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  14. Elmar: Well, that depends on how this massive concentration is achieved. If the synergistic properites of the mangosteen juice are compromised, I believe the result may not be good. Nature has a synergy and balance that is often scrapped when science gets hold of a viable active plant ingredient. In extracting from full plant synergy and concentrating, we often lose more than we gain.

  15. Update: I have been using Can-C NAC eyedrops for a few months now and wanted to add it as a potential resource for those who have dry eyes. One of the comments on this post addressed that problem. I love these eye drops although they are quite expensive.

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